33. Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane

Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane S-N X-section
Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane S-N X-section: Reference and disclaimer: taken from official publications from Staatsolie on Internet, through time. To promote Suriname Offshore.

This is a Regional Seismic Cross-Section Offshore Suriname (AA’).

Reference and disclaimer:

Taken form official publications of Staatsolie on Internet.

And presented during promotional activities, presentations at conferences etc.


I am an independant global petroleum and energy consultant.

I do not represent Staatsolie.

This is my private website and my private opinion.

Just see a beautiful S-N cross-section of the now famous, what I have called, Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane.

Already visible in the mind of those Explorers that wanted to see it?

Kwaskwasi-1 well, Bl.58, Apache
Kwaskwasi-1 well, some 300 meters oil column, Bl.58, Apache : Block 58? Three major home runs, back to back. Anno 2021, some 1.4 billion bbls reserves. Fast track FPSO development to produce in 2026 approx.

The whole play concept and petroleum habitat, of the Upper Cretaceous petroleum system.

Also note that this area was covered, licensed by former IOC’s?

Sure, they will certainly remember, for sure…

But unfortunately did not realise they were literally sitting on a Black Gold Mine, and on top of a very mature Canje kitchen?

Michelin 5 stars subsurface Canje kitchen, expelling light oil, condensate, wet gas in Block 58 and surrounding areas.

One IOC?

Focussed only on the Tertiary. Short sighted? Not to the “ Prime T-bone Steaks “…in the superb Upper Cretaceous petroleum system. Already 10+ billion barrels discovered in just 5 years.

Another IOC?

Quit with a most splendid and “ convincing “ last presentation of their bright, young exploration manager in charge of global exploration.

Concluding this area was not at all prospective, for them.

Stating that his firm was going to hunt for subsurface elephants in the Brazilian sub-salt…

And in other “ more prospective basins “.

I can still remember the grin on his face. After his first maiden visit to Sranankondre, certainly well-dressed, to explain all the technical subsurface details for quitting.

When he shaked hands and said goodbye to us

(…and simultaneously goodbye…to the “ Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane “ …)…

By the way, the clever, high flying IOC?

Silently disappeared from the global petroleum landscape…

What they might have missed?

Some 700,000 bbls/day by 2033, within 12 years ??

Block 58 area Production Prognosis
Block 58 area Production Prognosis; Sloanea included.