1. Korsou, mi Dushi Korsou

Dushi Korsou - Caracas baai - MCAL picture
Dushi Korsou - Caracas baai - MCAL picture
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Dushi Korsou – Curaçao – Caracas baai – MCAL picture

Explorers ? Discover my “Island in the Sun “.
You are all most welcome, to share and to dream away in this paradise on earth.

This is my island in the sun
Where my people have toiled since time begun
I may sail on many a sea
Her shores will always be home to me

Oh, island in the sun
Willed to me by my father’s hand
All my days I will sing in praise
Of your forest, waters,
Your shining sand

As morning breaks
The heaven on high
I lift my heavy load to the sky
Sun comes down with a burning glow
Mingles my sweat with the earth below

Oh….etc. etc. etc. – Iconic song of Harry Belafonte

My own hand-made picture @ Caracas Baai

Dushi Curacao, Lindo y Querido
Si muero lejos de ti
Que digan que estoy dormido
Y que me traigan aqui………

” Jorge Negrete ”

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Doei, salu2, ciao, até logo, grüssen, cordialement, salut, добрый день, ajoo, tur kos bon mi dushi hendenan na Switi Sranan i mi famiri na switi Korsou, tan bun allamala !

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