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Marcel Chin-A-Lien

I am Marcel Chin-A-Lien, petroleum exploration consultant. Proven global oil & gas finder. Available to assist you.

To help you find, produce petroleum, develop and grow its related business. Generating substantial value and cash flow for shareholders and stakeholders.

My basis for delivering value stems from 4 decades of signature know-how that has created success and value. Bottoms-up, hands-on and in-depth global expertise across the entire value chain of exploration, production and business.

From fieldwork, well operations on-offshore, geological and seismic interpretation, workstations, applied research. To strategy development, bid rounds, mergers, acquisitions and new ventures.

Petroleum sharing contracts, negotiations, continental shelf extension diplomatic Foreign Affairs and international senior petroleum business management.

Stewardship during an adventurous voyage on five continents as a global citizin, in a variety of challenging cultural, business and technical environments.

From South American jungles, Siberian steppes, Texan oak-decorated boardrooms, California redwoods and Africa to Europe.

Gallantly surfing the waves of the petroleum cycles. Delivering substantial value with discoveries, production, mergers, acquisitions, new ventures, business development. While fluently communicating trans-cultural and multi-discipline in 7 languages.

Grounded expertise since 1977. Continually expanded and leveraged into an unrivalled work toolset that provides tailored solutions. With majors, independents, entrepreneurial and as a senior advisor.

Solid academic foundations of 4 integrated petroleum postgraduate disciplines. Seamless synergy of technical subsurface disciplines, business, policy development, strategy, management and entrepreneurship.

Exploration and production with a distinctive holistic explorationist mindset, attitude and dimension.

Craftsmanship of the entire framework, with insight and wisdom in critical parameters that define value generation and success for finding, producing, developing petroleum in the ever evolving energy landscapes.

Trusted, proven track record in delivering value with giant discoveries. Producing petroleum, developing grand business projects and successfully executing innovative new ventures, from idea to cash flow.

All for you to share and at your services.

To get the big bang for your buck.

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Marcel P.T. Chin-A-Lien
Consulting Petroleum Geologist
“ Exploration & Production integrated with Business & Commercial Development ”
Drs – Geology & Geophysics
Engineering Geologist – Petroleum Geology
MBA International Business – Petroleum – M&A
MSc International Management – Petroleum
Certified Petroleum Geologist # 5201 – American Association Petroleum Geologists
Chartered European Geologist # 92 – European Federation of Geologists
Cambridge Award “ 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century ”, UK
Paris Awards “ Innovative New Business Projects “, GDF-Suez, France
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