16. Red Beach

16. Red Beach


Discover? Red Beach in Îles de Groix, France.

Red Beach - Îles de Groix
Red Beach – Îles de Groix

A stunning beach and most interesting Hercynian belt, geological area (Bretagne & Normandy) that we fully enjoyed during our fieldwork.
(Long ago. Bretagne-Normandy excursion with prof. dr. E. den Tex, drs. H. Koning and André, Ray, Wilbert, Arie. Géologie, gastronomie, œnologie. Et menhirs, dolmen, cairn, cromlech…. le patrimoine néolithique de Carnac en Bretagne).


Mn and Mg-rich garnets: HP/HT (18 kbar/450 *C).
A garnet isograd, trending NNE–SSW, divides the island into two parts: with and without garnet to the east and west, respectively.
In the eastern part, P and T conditions are estimated as 16–18 kbar and 450 C from Mn and Mg-rich garnets.

Kinematic records of subduction and exhumation in the Ile de Groix blueschists (Hercynian belt; Western France)
Melody Philippon*, Jean Pierre Brun, Fre ́de ́ric Gueydan Ge ́osciences Rennes UMR 6118 CNRS, Universite ́ de Rennes 1, 35042 Rennes Cedex, France;
Journal of Structural Geology 31 (2009) 1308–1321

Pls. visit if you have (make) the opportunity.
The ferry boats leave from the city of Lorient. Compagnie Océane, Gare maritime de Lorient (ferry terminal), 2, rue Gilles Gahinet – 56100 Lorient.

Sun bathing on HP/HT red garnets, dans la Douce France, mais oui, oui, certainement, bien sûr.
Bonne visite !

15. Geology in Art (1)

Venezuela, El Litoral, Galipán - J. Aponte, 1994 - Caracas
Venezuela, El Litoral, Galipán – J. Aponte, 1994 – Caracas

15. Geology in Art (1)

My Linkedin post 7th August 2018



Geology in Art: Venezuela, El Litoral:

Picacho Galipán y Macizo del Ávila desde Caraballeda.

Oil Painting, 1994. Impressionism style.

Artist: José Aponte (born 12 Sept. 1942),

Painter La Plaza de Los Pintores, Avenida Casanova, Caracas. Premio Nacional holder.

José Aponte before becoming a very successful autodidact painter and artist was a tough boxer.

Till the moment that he was knocked out of the ring by Mócho Hernández.

That propelled him to explore for a new and different exciting passion.

He lived for some time, accompanied by his mother, in Europe, Rome. When back in Venezuela he was assigned his own artist’s corner, along one of the main avenues in Caracas.

By Mr. Diego Arria, former governor of Caracas.

He made this painting on my request ?

It shows the really stunning and impressive mountain view of the wild Caribbean Mountain Chain.

As seen from the rugged coast and Caribbean seaside.

For explorationists additionally it exhibits and permeates the even so, most interesting dynamic geological and tectonic dimension, as described in:

the Geology of the area on the oil painting http://www.funvisis.gob.ve/old/archivos/pdf/ponencias/2001_FVISst_JAR.pdf

My own collection.

Beautiful landscape. Art and boxing. Hands that are delicate as they are fierce!


Thanks for your sharp comment.

Yes, indeed.

That was one of the things that amazed me.

While we used to watch him painting, in the evening, in his own painter’s corner along the boulevard. That we often visited.

How is this possible?

With those same boxer’s hands, knuckles and fingers ?

To produce such beautiful pieces of art.


Reason why I ventured to ask him to make this specific painting.

That certainly requires some inner boxing fury.

To express the dynamism and geotectonic fury that formed this coastal mountain range and landscape ?

Faults and transtensional, transpressional, compressional structures, mountains, the result of stresses produced during the large eastward translation of the Caribbean plate since the Paleocene…etc. etc. etc.

(…for geo-addicts…).

14. Baruch Spinoza etc. etc.

14. Baruch Spinoza etc. etc.

Baruch Spinoza or Benedictus de Spinosa is the most important philosopher of The Netherlands.

In tandem with Desiderius Erasmus who preceded him with a century.

They are in the same exclusive major league of philosophers. With Immanuel Kant, David Hume, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Voltaire, René Descartes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau etc. etc.

Spécial Spinoza – Le Magazine Litteraire, nov.-dec. 2017

He lived his last 6 years in this house where he died, probably due to silicosis, a lung disease, at age 44 in 1677. It is located in the Netherlands, The Hague.

Close to the city centre and top three Kee Lun Palace, Fat Kee, Full Moon Dim Sum & Hot Pot in China Town, within others…

In this house he finished his famous work Ethica.

These are my own pictures, partly, and musings. Info is also taken from books, internet and Wikipedia.

Ethics, Demonstrated in Geometrical Order (Latin: Ethica, ordine geometrico demonstrata), usually known as the Ethics, is a philosophical treatise written when just 32-33 years old. Between 1664 – 1665 and first published when about to die, in 1677.

I ventured to read and tried to understand this book as a student in Lugdunum Batavorum. Also bought several other Spinosa books (…as well as Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the philosopher with the hammer). In Boekhandel De Slegte and Atheneum in Amsterdam.

No, not yet. No Amazon.com or Bol.com for easy and fast online acquisitions. Just slow. Take the train from Leiden, via Haarlem to Amsterdam where you stroll along the whole day.

No hurry, just slow and peacefull nostalgic living. Those were the days…


Groot Auditorium - Academiegebouw - Leiden
Groot Auditorium – Academiegebouw – Leiden

Regularly I attended additionally lectures on other famous philosophers. By the Philosophy Department in the main Groot-Auditorium with its alluring stained glasses. As well as interesting presentations and analysis of Shakespeare and The Bible. In the historical Academie Gebouw building of 1516. One was stimulated also to attend for free, extra-curricular subjects and discussions: ” Studium Generale “.


It is perhaps the most ambitious attempt to apply the method of Euclid in philosophy.

Spinoza puts forward a small number of definitions and axioms from which he attempts to derive hundreds of propositions and corollaries, such as

“When the Mind imagines its own lack of power, it is saddened by it”,

“A free man thinks of nothing less than of death”, and

“The human Mind cannot be absolutely destroyed with the Body, but something of it remains which is eternal.”

Baruch Spinoza - Sterfhuis
Baruch Spinoza – Sterfhuis – House where he lived the latest years of his life and died in 1677.

Baruch Spinoza (24 November 1632 in Amsterdam – 21 February 1677 in The Hague) was a Dutch philosopher of Portuguese Jewish origin. He is considered to be one of the great Rationalist philosophers of the 17th century. Other famous rationalists include Gottfried Leibniz and René Descartes.

Baruch Spinoza - Spinozahuis - Den Haag
Baruch Spinoza – Spinozahuis – Den Haag


Spinoza’s ideas were not cherished by the Jewish community in Amsterdam of the time. He was excommunicated at age 24 in 1656.

Excommunication of Spinoza - by Samuel Hirszenberg, 1907
Excommunication of Spinoza – by Samuel Hirszenberg, 1907
Spinozahuis - Den Haag
Spinozahuis – Den Haag

Key ideas

An important idea in Spinoza’s philosophy is God and Nature, everything that exists, are the same thing. Opposing Dualism, Spinoza said that the body and the mind (soul) are two of God’s infinite attributes.

There is no good or evil in Nature, and that these words only have meanings for human beings. For a person, an event that leads to happiness is good, and an event that leads to suffering is bad.

Spinoza describes two (2) types of thoughts, or emotions:

  • When a person acts from his own nature, he is said to be Active. The more you understand your actions, the more active you become. Active emotions lead to happiness and an understanding of God, as well as to Freedom.
  • When a person is being influenced by another person, or a thing, he is said to be Passive.

The goal of every person is to intellectually love God (that is, understand Nature as much as humanly possible).

Baruch Spinosa
Baruch Spinosa

P.D. & Musings

Looking out from the window in the Spinoza House you see this street of my last photo.

Highly frequented by gents. In an elusive search to acquire a few minutes of undisclosed solitary happiness.

The big bang for their bucks?


I do not know if this famous street already existed in Spinosa’s time. If so, it would have been his window view to the outside world. Stepping out of his house for a break and stroll, when writing his famous Ethica, he would have walked straight into this boulevard of elusive and broken wet dreams.

How would the contents of his Ethica have then looked like?

If this lively street had already existed and had surrounded, immerged and assimilated him by then. Would he have included specific deep philosophical thoughts on this item ?

Similar to the effect the immersion had on Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa.

Toulouse de Lautrec
Toulouse de Lautrec

Known as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the French painter, printmaker, draughtsman, caricaturist, and illustrator whose immersion in the colourful and theatrical life of Paris in the late 19th century ?

Count Henry lived in Montmartre, a part of Paris that was famous for its bohemia people, artists, poets, philosophers and poor students. He was called “the soul of Montmartre”. And often visited the nightclubs such as the Moulin Rouge

Yes. This whole atmosphere inspired him to produce a candid tribute. A precious collection of enticing, elegant, and provocative images of the modern, sometimes decadent, affairs of those times. So often used for posters throughout time.

And Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (The Young Ladies of Avignon) a 1907 cubist painting. It was inspired and represented five women in a brothel.

Similar to Gabriel García Marquez, GGM ?

Who lived in Cartagena as a poor, rookie journalist. And often sought and found refuge such as to pernoctate, in a cheap house of joy. Bread-and-breakfast-all-inclusive? A period that inspired him with many thoughts and themes as expressed in a sublimated and camouflated way in many different parts of his 35+ Nobel Prize works.

Even in GGM’s last, post prize 2009 novel ? A candid veiled tribute. Unveiled at age 82 ?

Gabriel García Márquez
Gabriel García Márquez


All immersed, influenced and literary inspired by this setting. Not again Charles Beaudelaire’s Parisian capo lavoro from 1857, Les Fleurs du mal. Or Big Sur, Henry Miller, with numerous. Neither Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, also with various, such as his Trilogía sucia de La Habana from 1999.

P.J. Gutiérrez
P.J. Gutiérrez

And ?

His reputation suffered after announcing to the New Yorker in 1994 that he had been “a great prostitute man” during his marriage to Patricia Hale, and declined further in 2008 after admitting to his biographer Patrick French a long-running affair with Margaret Gooding in which he was “very violent”.

V. Naipaul, Nobel Prize literature, 2001.


Last but not least least. Absolutely. The infamous and famous L.A. wordsmith and barfly. The laureate of lowlife that wrote about the wild side of life, unpolished or mundane as it could be.

” When I came it was in the face of everything decent, white sperm dripping down over the heads and souls of my dead parents. If I had been born a woman I would certainly have been a prostitute. Since I had been born a man, I craved women constantly, the lower the better. And yet women, good women frightened me because they eventually wanted your soul, and what was left of mine, I wanted to keep.

Basically I craved prostitutes, base women, because they were deadly and hard and made no personal demands. Nothing was lost when they left. Yet at the same time I yearned for a gentle, good woman, despite the overwhelming price. Either way I was lost. A strong man would give up both. I wasn’t strong. So I continued to struggle with women, with the idea of women.”

Charles Bukowski.

P.J. Gutiérrez
Charles Bukowski

Fertile food for musings and speculations of philosophers and Spinosa specialists ?

Maybe, a Ph.D. thesis needed to unravel…: ” Baruch Spinoza and the influence of his red front street on Ethica “?

This street is one of the several ones in The Hague.

An unintentional, coincidentally candid tribute to Ethica and Baruch Spinoza ?

Street perpendicular to Spinoza House - Red Light District - The Hague
Street perpendicular to Spinoza House -This was/is the view from his window . When he was writing his Ethica. It is the Red Light District nowadays – The Hague.

A Red Light Street.

” But all things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.

End of the Ethics by Benedict de Spinoza”.

Daydreamer - Near Spinoza house
Daydreamer – Elusively blowing ahead in his search and quest for happiness – Near Spinoza’s house.


One click away and for nothing. For your free, leisure weekends. Alternatively also when you get bored?

During your long flight to Houston while sitting in your KLM Business Class chair?

During your regular stops while trailing the 777 km of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, starting in Roncesvalles, with your heavy backpack?

On the beach of Pirate Bay accompanied by a Cuba Libre with ron Diplomático and Orquesta Guayacán through your headphone?

After watching your favourite team loose 1-2 in Mordovia Arena, Saransk, Russia?

To unwind in a philosophical way:

Ethica, Benedictus Spinoza:

Kindle 715 KB & Images, 3640 virtual pages.


Principes de plaîsir et de divertissement - Spinoza
Principes de plaîsir et de divertissement – Spinoza

14. Growth Promise Indicators World Ranking 2018

GPI 2018
GPI 2018

14. Growth Promise Indicators World Ranking 2018

Re: #kpmg2018 :

Explorer? Investor, Strategist, Business Developer, etc.?

The Netherlands, Land van Melk & Honing:

World Champion (…sorry, this is Not about soccer…nonetheless),

Rank 1 !

La Bella Italia dalla Dolce Vita 44
T&T 59
Colombia 86
Sranankondre 108
Guyana 127 (…rather low, even with black gold rush of Liza and much more to come etc.etc.) –
Venezuela 154





South Sudan 181.

GPI 2018 - KPMG
GPI 2018 – KPMG

13. VW Beetle Redesigned

13. VW Beetle Redesigned

Posted on Linkedin, June 13th, 2018

VW Beetle Redesigned
VW Beetle Redesigned – Photography Dan Giannopoulos .

Explorer ?

On photo ?

Creativity, Resilience, Out-of-the-Box, Sustainability, Competitive-edge, Low-cost-Carrier, Low profile-high Performace, Love-for-home-Country, Lot’s-of-Fun, Authentic-Local-Art-Work, Proven-Track-Record, Five-Decades-of-Delivering-Value, Entrepreneurship, Small-Business-Management, Strategic-Marketing, Competitive Advantage, SWOT,

All-66-Buzzzz-&-Blablablaaaaa-Words-Acquired-During-My-Executive-MBA apply,

Really, amazing.

To be obtained by the Gugenheim museum ?

Certainly a stiff competitor of Janis Joplin’s Porsche 356 C 1600 cabriolet of 1964.
For just US$ 1.8 million, most recently sold & acquired.

Alternatively? Just simplistic, Out-of-the-Box thinking ?

(…Why not, sure, not a 54 years old one.

But a Brand new Porsche 718 Boxster cabriolet 2018 for just US$ 57.400 @ Dealer. Thus.

31 New ones instead of just 1 JJ. Have them 31-different-creative-versions-styled-and-painted as you heart wishes.

Certainly, make sure, also One (1) exact copy of JJ’s. Then.

Most fortunate with 31 different, unique-one-of-a-kind new Porsche 718 Boxster cabriolets.

Each day another one.

In tandem with your new, clean socks in your red-soled Christian Louboutin shoes. And Derek Rose Otis pure silk boxer underwear under your Porsche Design Denim, Yves Saint Laurent and D&G jeans.

Each and every (…working…) day another one.

During the whole month.
Sure, pls. do not forget, you will also need a 31 size garage.

Tip: after some time, that time will certainly come, when you are really bored of them all ?

Sell them all and each for some US 1.8 million…?

(sure…first ask Mick Jagger, Tom Jones, Elton John, Romeo Santos, Shakira, Marc Anthony etc. etc. to touch them at least once, sign them. And also go for a fast James-Dean-type-of-drive, to create the legacy, that later pays off. Note, don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy (Eagles). A super high ROI.

This as you will always find car lovers dearly willing and most able to pay that legacy amount).

In addition to ” Casas y Terrenos Baratos “.

Re.: Photography by Dan Giannopoulos – BBC News, In Pictures, June 12th, 2018.

13. El Pirata: Torero con un solo ojo

3. Torero con solo un ojo: El Pirata - Tauromaquía.
3. Torero con solo un ojo: El Pirata – Tauromaquía.

13. El Pirata: Torero con un solo ojo.  Tauromaquía.

This post is only for bullfight fans. If you hate bullfighting? Fully understood. But very sorry, then better please turn instantly away from this post for your own convenience. Thank you in advance.

“ El toreo es un arte misterioso, mitad vicio y mitad ballet.

Es un mundo abigarrado, caricaturesco, vivísimo y entrañable el que vivimos los que, un día soñamos con ser toreros.                                                                                                                                                                 Camilo José Cela”

La fiesta de los toros es para héroes, extraterrestres, seres de otra galaxia, extraños incomprendidos en una sociedad que pierde valores a borbotones y trata de esconder sus miserias en lo socialmente correcto, tan lejano, tantas veces, de la realidad del ser humano.

Una fiesta de locos y para locos; de unos locos llamados toreros, dispuestos a entregar su vida por una ilusión; y para una gente envenenada por la emoción que desprende el espectáculo en el ruedo. “

“La educación y la tauromaquia distinguen la excelencia, y esto es en sí valioso, pero, además, contribuyen a dar cohesión a la sociedad, en este caso a la sociedad andaluza y sevillana”, dijo el Rey Felipe VI en el acto de entrega de los premios universitarios y taurinos de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla, celebrado en una carpa levantada en el ruedo de la plaza de toros sevillana “ (El País, Antonio Lorca, 20-2-2020; https://elpais.com/cultura/2020/02/20/actualidad/1582206133_586310.html).

" Torero R - 1996 " - 1
” Torero R – 1996 ” – 1 – Ronda se considera una de las cunas de la tauromaquia moderna, surgida en el Siglo XVIII.


” Quiero ser torero, papa “, me solto de repente.

Soñó por mucho tiempo ser torero, desde que tenia 10 añitos. Relampagueado, pasmado e infectado con el virus del toreo despues de nosotros visitar La Plaza de Toros de Ronda y su museo taurino. Estudió y practicaba religiosamente todas las figuras taurinas por mucho tiempo. Con los videos taurinos que Conchita obligatoriamente nos compraba y traia desde Madrid.

Como parte de su aprendizaje y para hacerlo mas real, yo tenia que funcionar de toro taurino con cuernos, representados por las 2 patas de una silla vieja, cual llevaba por delante.


" Torero R - 1996 - Ronda " 2
” Torero R – 1996 – Ronda ” 2 – El auge del toreo llevó a la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda a erigir su famosa plaza, obra que se atribuye a Martín de Aldehuela, el mismo arquitecto del grandioso Puente Nuevo sobre el Tajo de Ronda.

La Plaza de toros de Ronda es de propiedad privada, pertenece a la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda. Es una de las más bellas y antiguas del mundo por su arquitectura y su singular construcción”.

" Torero R - 1996 - Ronda " 3
” Torero R – 1996 – < Ultimo tercio: el Torero de muleta y la estocada >- Ronda ” 3 – La construcción de esta plaza duró seis años y fue inaugurada en 1785, con una corrida de toros en la que actuaron Pedro Romero y Pepe Illo. En su Museo de la Tauromaquia
se puede disfrutar de forma didáctica, los orígenes y evolución del arte de la tauromaquia, desde las funciones reales del toreo caballeresco a la importancia de Ronda y sus dinastías de toreros en la historia de la fiesta taurina.

Torero ?

El Pirata es uno de nuestros gran favoritos. Siempre despierta muchísimas emociones en el ruedo. Por su valentía, por su estilo típico, directo, atrevido y sin complicaciones de torear.

Juan José Padilla.

Re. video: Tendido Cero, TVE, 20 mayo 2018.

IMG_5687 – Torero – Juan Jose Padilla – Linares

Juan José Padilla (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, 23 de mayo de 1973), conocido artísticamente como el «Ciclon de Jerez», es un torero español que se destaca en la lidia de toros procedentes de ganaderías «duras» como Miura.1

El 7 de octubre de 2011, Padilla sufrió una gravísima cogida en la cara que le afectó directamente al ojo izquierdo al banderillear al cuarto toro de la tarde en el coso de la Misericordia de Zaragoza.8

Tras la cornada del 7 de octubre en Zaragoza declaró que volvería a vestirse de luces el 4 de marzo en Olivenza (Badajoz),9​ de donde saldría con dos orejas por la puerta grande después de firmar una faena notable.10

” ¿Cuándo supo que podía regresar?

Cuando decidí matar a dos hermanos de Marqués, el toro que me cogió, ante mi familia y mi círculo. Llamé a la ganadería de Ana Romero y quise torear un par de la misma camada. Para ahuyentar fantasmas, con el mismo traje de luces.”


Tras su grave cogida en Zaragoza (tras la que perdió un ojo, obligándole a llevar un parche) es conocido como «El torero pirata» o el «Pirata» Padilla, siendo recibido en plena feria de Pamplona con banderas piratas en su honor.2

Él es un amigo y primer profesor del toreo del autor taurino y torero practicó Inglés Alexander Fiske-Harrison

También participó en el videoclip de su amigo El barrio Canción: De lobo a cordero.3

En 2017 anunció su retirada al año siguiente, coincidiendo con el 25 aniversario como matador.4



" Torero R - 1996 - Ronda " 4
” Torero R – 1996 – Ronda ” 4 – Saltar la Barrera hacia el Burladero.- Fue precisamente Antonio Ordóñez quien en 1954 creó la mundialmente conocida corrida goyesca, donde el exorno y la vestimenta nos trasladan a la época del pintor Goya. Tuvimos la oportunidad de asistir y disfrutar de a una corrida goyesca, como festividad de Sábado Santo, en el famoso ruedo y cos hexagonal de la localidad ciudadrealeña de Almadén.
" Torero R - 1996 - Ronda " 6
” Torero R – 1996 – Ronda 6 – Mi propio dibujo del famoso Paquirri, mi torero favorito “. – Cayetano Ordóñez y su hijo Antonio Ordóñez despertaron, por su manera de concebir el toreo, el interés de personajes tan ilustres como Orson Wells y Ernest Hemingway.

Pasodobles Taurinos fabulosos y famosos, para entrar de lleno en el ambiente excitante de la corrida de toros y de la fiesta en el ruedo.

Tal como durante las fiestas taurinas de San Isidro en La Ventas de Madrid.

Escuchen por ejemplo estos dos discos abajo, en Youtube.

Salu2, que lo disfrutan.

" Torero R - 1996 - Ronda " 7
” Torero R – 1996 – Ronda ” 7. – La imagen histórica no sólo se corresponde con sus orígenes dieciochescos, sino que la plaza también ha incorporado iconos durante el siglo XX como los hermanos Cayetano y Antonio Ordóñez, Orson Welles o Ernest Hemingway.


My own torero oil painting - Torero R.A.P. - 2006 - 1
My own torero oil painting – Torero R.A.P.  Esperando al toro con “Lance a pies juntos “- 2006 – 1


My own torero oil painting - Torero R.A.P. - 2006 - 2
My own torero oil painting, con capa ” Romero ” – Iniciando a prepararse para el lance ” La Veronica “.- Torero R.A.P. – 2006 – 2

Oléééé, Toro…

Bailemos por favor primero juntos un paso doble…

Luego la suerte. Buena  o mala…

Para ambos…

Artículo:El último día de Monolete:



18. Musical Exploration Journeys on our Globe

18. Musical Exploration Journeys on our Globe


As an active global explorer, of petroleum and mineral resources, simultaneously I also have been touring the subsurface and surface world of Music. For several decades already, since I was a little kid. I wish to share my thoughts with you.

Best songs of all time. But just part of.

Music ?

Music acts like fuel to my soul and brains. It can influence, determine, propel my mood and how I feel, act and react.

It generates hormones of Happiness, I can testify.

Though, I have never ever seen these hormones mentioned in all the philosophical and litterary essays, books, songs and music that somehow or somewhat involved the pursuit of Happiness. That I so eagerly studied and consulted during the last decades, since a was a teenager.

In pursuit of wisdom and happiness ?

Such as the writings of Confucius, Lao Tzu, Aristotle, Socrates, Seneca, The Bible, Koran, Buddha, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sören Kierkegaard, Miguél de Cervantes, Santa Teresa de Avila, Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe, Henry David Thoreau, John Stuart Mill, Bertrand Russell, Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, Gabriel García Márquez, Anne Frank, Boeli van Leeuwen etc. etc. etc.

Salsa - Salsaventura - 2017
Salsa – Salsaventura – 2017 – FYI: please read my Blog on Salsa dancing and Development of Communication Skills, in chapter ” Various “.

Hormones producing happiness like endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, oxytoxin.

By the way, a little side track:

Though a most serious proposal. To whom it may concern and interest.

These Happiness Hormones should and could be available for free in all the pharmacies in the Netherlands, in my humble opinion. To make Holland and all the Dutch even much happier than they already are.

Special pharmacies, just name them ” Dutch Coffeeshops for Free Happiness Hormones “. Much, much healthier than the present day ones. And odourless.

At the same time, the problematics of drugs resolved. Finally, forever. Just an out of the box idea of an explorationist. My simple musing.

Many songs for me even function similar to the super high-octane gasoline. Such as the high octane does to my motor. Only some gasoline stations have it along the German highways. Definitely my preferred fuel to tank, while on route in Germany, usually also heading farther and further for La Bella Italia, il paese della La Dolce Vita, la mia favorita. And while cruising on Germany’s splendid autobahn network with a total length of about 12,993 km. Ennio can personally testify on this, right bro ?

On the Deutsche Autobahn. Aral (BP) 102 octane fuel, called “Ultimate” that puts him really, really on Fire.

The Turbo Compressor.

These are a few of the top songs that very much appeal to me. As I grew up hearing most of them on radio or tv. They are my coevals and transport me back, forth and through time and space, across the globe when I listen to them. Sometimes even with excessive decibels, with the Beoplay E8 Premium in-ear Bang & Olufsen.

I was super lucky to find this above mentioned link where some of the best songs are assembled. I wish to re-share it with you.

Really all the credit goes of course to the author that made this splendid list (Playlist and Autoplay, Best Songs of All Time; author han.le3359@gmail.com). Mr./Mrs. Unknown, thank you so much for taking your precious time to make and share it on Internet. Herewith I am helping you to make it go viral…who knows.

Though….uh, uhh, uhhh, still a lot missing on this list. For me.

Such as those absolute iconic songs of my favourite Rolling Stones.

May 22, 2018 at 15:00 p.m. In London Stadium, Brexitlandia. Rocking & Rolling again with Honky Tonk Woman, as always with lots of Satisfaction.

By the way.

This represents just part of my musical memories, luggage and appetite that I was lucky to assemble and utilise as a happiness catalyst and enjoy, throughout life. These cover only the anglo-saxon, english songs…

Why is music and dancing so good for the brain of a petroleum explorationist ?  

Salsa & Bachata fotoshoot - La Bodeguita - GGD - 2/2018.
Salsa & Bachata fotoshoot – La Bodeguita – Requested by & for GGD, Public Health Promotion Campaign – 2/2018.

For an addicted explorationist and now also a convicted salsa and bachata dancer ? 


Music and dancers maximize cognitive function and muscle memory through practice.
Music and dancing improves brain function on a variety of levels. Two recent studies show how different types of practice allow dancers to achieve peak performance by blending cerebral and cognitive thought processes with muscle memory and ‘proprioception’ held in the cerebellum. Through regular aerobic training that incorporates some type of dance with music at least once a week anyone can maximize his or her brain function.

What about all the other music genres ?

We like and listen to all of them. Really.

And have been to hundreds of festivals, concerts and presentations. Inside, outside, in concert halls, stadiums, parks, gardens, on street corners, gardens, on the street, beach etc. etc. around the world to enjoy.

This depends on the place, occasion, mood, event, time.

We even dare to dance some of them. They equally form part of my and our musical luggage. In this digital world it is oh so easy to carry and access it all and everywhere through Internet. Just to mention via Apple music, Youtube, all the private radio & tv stations, Facebook live transmission etc. etc.

Salsa & Bachata dancing shoes - Bespoke, handmade, personalised - leather - exclusively by d'Raso, Medellin
Salsa & Bachata dancing shoes – Bespoke, handmade, personalised – leather – exclusively by d’Raso, Medellin

Latin American, my own Caribbean & Surinamese & Colombian & Venezuelan & Dutch & Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German etc. ect. songs ?

Salsa, guaguanco, son montuno, mambo, trova; bachata, merengue, bolero; meringue, compas; llanera, joropo, gaita; cumbia, vallenato, Andes folk music such as bambuco, pasillo, guabina, bunde; mapalé, porro, merecumbé, musica de despecho y carrilera;

Tumba or the so called Curacao Blues, seu, waltzes, mazurkas, danzas, pasillos, son montuno, bolero, pambiche, guaracha, merengue. These all (also) from and on my native dushi Curacao in the pristine emerald blue Caribbean sea.

Mariachi, ranchera, norteña; bolero; Tango; calypso, soca, parang; reggae, ska, reggaeton; bossa nova, samba, forro; Tejano, TexMex; Paraguaya, Chilena, Boliviana, Peruana, Ecuatoriana etc. etc.

Bigi pokoe, kaseko, kawina; zouk.

Chansons; Fado; Paso dobles, flamenco, zarzuela.

Country and Western, Rhytm & Blues, Jazz, Gospel etc. ?

Classic music ??

Vivaldi, Albinoni, Scarlatti, Strauss, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Haydn, Schubert, Verdi, Rossini, Puccini, Paganini, Bartok, Albeniz, de Falla,

Etc. etc. etc.

To many to mention.

And it is not my specialty at all, being just a simple rambling petroleum explorationist that enjoys music.

Meanwhile wishing Y’all tons of musical and dancing happiness.

Even Brent is high and happily swinging on salsa music, on Mother’s Day.

In the high seventies.

$$ 77.41


Also please stand up.

The first one of all those clever analysts, economists, oil traders, Wall Street analysts, corporate strategists, portfolio managers, investors and crystal ball readers, that had predicted this a year ago. Thanks in advance.

Tons, tons of Happiness hormones, for many explorers…above all for those that sell and trade oil.

Salu2, tan bun alla famirie, ajooo tur mi dushi hendenan, ciaoo caríssimi amici nella bella Italia, Berlusconiana…da nuovo, ciaooo.

12. Latin America and Caribbean: Seizing the Momentum

12. Latin America and Caribbean: Seizing the Momentum

Reblogged & full credit for, IMF, MAY 11, 2018 – IMF Country Focus.

IMF - L.A. & Caribbean, 5/2018
IMF – L.A. & Caribbean, 5/2018

A busy street is closed for pedestrians in Sao Paulo, Brazil: Economic activity picked up this year in the region, but reforms are needed to keep the positive momentum going (photo: Luciano Marques/iStock)
A busy street is closed for pedestrians in São Paulo, Brazil: Economic activity picked up this year in the region, but reforms are needed to keep the positive momentum going (photo: Luciano Marques/iStock)

Latin America and Caribbean: Seizing the Momentum
May 11, 2018

Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean is picking up, thanks to stronger demand at home, and a favorable global environment helped also by rebounding commodity prices. But to secure more durable growth with widespread benefits, the region needs to invest more in key sectors, like infrastructure and education, to boost productivity over the longer-term, the IMF said in its latest regional assessment.


Read the report
World economic outlook
Stronger economic recovery

The Regional Economic Outlook for the Western Hemisphere estimates growth for the region to increase from 1.3 percent in 2017 to 2 percent in 2018. For 2019, the report forecasts growth to continue to pick up to 2.8 percent.

Following the recovery in private consumption in 2017, business investment is expected to rise and become the main driver of economic activity, after a three-year contraction.

Despite this rebound, investment levels are expected to remain below the levels as seen in other regions, limiting the region’s growth potential, according to the report.

IMF - L.A. & Caribbean, 5/2018
IMF – L.A. & Caribbean, 5/2018

An uncertain future

But many challenges lie ahead for the region. According to the report, noneconomic factors that could derail the region’s recent economic recovery include political uncertainty due to upcoming elections in several countries, geopolitical tensions, and extreme weather events.

Heightened economic risks externally—notably, a shift towards more protectionist policies and a sudden tightening of global financial conditions—could also weigh heavily on growth prospects.

Looking ahead, longer-term growth prospects for Latin America and the Caribbean remain subdued, suggesting that income levels in these countries are struggling to catch up to advanced economies.

The way forward

Despite recent gains in poverty and inequality reduction, Latin American and the Caribbean remains the most unequal region in the world. In response to these challenges and to secure durable growth that benefits all, policymakers in the region will need to implement key reforms and policies that focus on:

continuing to adjust to place debt ratios on a sustainable footing with a special attention to the quality of the adjustment

further improving central bank communication and transparency to better deal with future shocks

investing more in people through more efficient spending in education;

improving infrastructure, which would also boost other investment in the region;

tackling corruption by improving governance and the business climate;

opening up more to trade and financial markets, which can be seen as a step toward greater global integration; and

protecting gains from social spending.

Regional roundup​*

Growth in South America is being led by the end of recessions in Argentina, Brazil, and Ecuador, higher commodity prices, and a moderation of inflation that has provided space for monetary easing.

In the near term, Mexico, Central America, and parts of the Caribbean are benefiting from stronger growth in the United States. Nevertheless, potential implications of the U.S. tax reform and ongoing renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are also creating uncertainties for the region.

IMF - L.A. & Caribbean, 5/2018
IMF – L.A. & Caribbean, 5/2018

In Argentina, the current forecast is for real GDP growth of 2 percent in 2018. Even though high-frequency indicators suggest that economic activity remained robust in early 2018, the severe drought that hit the country will have a negative impact on agricultural production and exports. It is expected that next year the negative impact of the drought will be reversed.

In Brazil, real GDP is expected to grow at 2.3 percent in 2018, thanks to favorable external conditions and a rebound in private consumption and investment. The uptick in activity will lead to a moderate deterioration of the current account. A key risk, however, is that the policy agenda could change following the October presidential election, giving rise to market volatility and greater uncertainty about the medium-term outlook.

In Chile, economic activity is gaining momentum after a prolonged slowdown, benefiting from improved external conditions and domestic sentiment. Both mining and nonmining exports, as well as business investment, are leading the recovery, supported by solid household spending and slightly looser financial conditions.

In Colombia, policy easing and a favorable global environment will lift growth to 2.7 percent in 2018. A mildly expansionary fiscal policy, driven by stronger subnational government expenditure, along with the lagged effects of monetary policy easing in 2017, will support domestic demand. Investment is projected to increase strongly thanks to infrastructure projects, oil sector projects, and the 2016 tax reform.

Peru’s government responded to the 2017 economic growth slowdown with countercyclical macro policies. These policies are expected to help economic growth rebound to around 3¾ percent in 2018, but downside risks associated with the Odebrecht investigation persist.

Venezuela’s economic situation is worsening, with the economy contracting sharply for the fifth year in a row. The economy is expected to contract by 15 percent in 2018, following a cumulative 35 percent contraction over 2014–17. The humanitarian crisis is also intensifying with increasing scarcity of basic goods (for example, food, personal hygiene items, medicine), a collapse of the health system, and high crime rates. This has led to a sharp increase in emigration to neighboring countries.

The outlook for Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic (CAPDR) remains favorable and growth is expected to remain above potential for many countries in 2018, reflecting U.S. and global growth momentum.

Mexico’s outlook is projected to benefit from higher growth in the United States as well as stronger domestic demand once uncertainty subsides about the outcome of the NAFTA renegotiation, the potential implications of the U.S. tax reform, and Mexico’s July presidential election. Output growth is expected to accelerate from 2 percent in 2017 to 2.3 percent in 2018, supported by net exports and remittances.

Prospects for the Caribbean region are improving, with growth in both tourism-dependent economies and commodity exporters projected to be in the 1–2 percent range for 2018 and 2019.

*This report reflects developments and staff projections through early March 2018. It does not reflect the latest developments in Latin American financial markets.

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11. Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini Diablo
Lamborghini Diablo

11. Lamborghini Diablo


Buongiorno (Maria). Mi chiamo Diablo, un piacere. Sono molto veloce, ti piace?

Felice domenica, saluti da Sirmione. La mia Bella Italia, dove sono nato felicemente con musica, in San’Agata Bolognese. Il mio paese dalla Dolce Vita.

CiaaAaoo, bella, ti voglio bene, arrividerci, ci vediamo pronto.

Sono Italiano…veramente, lasciatemi…

https://youtu.be/syc78JzHGTs Toto Cutugno – L’Italiano (1983).

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Doei, salu2, ciao, até logo, grüssen, cordialement, salut, добрый день, ajoo, tur kos bon mi dushi hendenan na Switi Sranan i mi famiri na switi Korsou, tan bun allamala !

9. Lithium: Batteries and Pegmatites

9. Lithium: Batteries and Pegmatites

1. Introduction


Energy generation is shifting from dirty to clean green.

Doomsdays for petroleum and coal explorers 🎩.

Every country is supposed to adhere to a Green State Development Strategy (GSDS).

Lithium is a key ingredient in the manufacture of lithium ion batteries, battery storage units, electronic devices.

The inventor of lithium-ion battery (LIB) used for cellular phone and notebook computer is Akira Yoshino (吉野 彰 Yoshino Akira, born 30 January 1948) a Japanese chemist.

Fellow of Asahi Kasei Corporation and professor of Meijo University. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akira_Yoshino


Insert Oct.9, 2019 (in original post of May 8, 2018):

“ Three scientists have been awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of lithium-ion batteries.
John B Goodenough, M Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino share the prize for their work on these rechargeable devices, which are used for portable electronics “.

Re. BBC News, Oct. 9, 2019 “Lithium-ion batteries take chemistry Nobel “.

Batteries boom enables world to get half of electricity from wind and solar by 2050 (June 19th, 2018, Bloomberg). https://about.bnef.com/blog/batteries-boom-enables-world-get-half-electricity-wind-solar-2050/

Coal to shrink to just 11% of global electricity generation by mid-century, from 38% now, as comparative costs shift heavily in favor of wind, solar and batteries

Solar and wind are set to surge to almost “50 by 50” – 50% of world generation by 2050 – on the back of precipitous reductions in cost, and the advent of cheaper and cheaper batteries that will enable electricity to be stored and discharged to meet shifts in demand and supply.

2. Li geology (petrogenesis, anatexis origin, liquidus): direct relationship with Mass extenction of petroleum explorers.

Understand why Paris Accord 2015 and Li pegmatites of pristine Archaean 3.6-2.7 Ga crust will contribute to mass extinction of the “dirty” explorers population.

They will become jobless, part of the industrial heritage.

Paris Accord, 195 UNFCCC members, Homo sapiens ?

The Paris Agreement’s long-term temperature goal is to keep the increase in global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels; and to pursue efforts to limit the increase to 1.5 °C, recognizing that this would substantially reduce the risks and impacts of climate change.

Wowww, how brave, how zzuperrr daring ?

Mother Earth since 6 billion years has always decided on it’s own when, what to do and how to behave.

Such as with clanging climate, ice ages, sea levels, evolution of continents configurations, mountain building, volcanic eruptions etc. etc.

But, now !

Homo Sapiens is most definitely in the drivers seat and self-proclaimed reigning Emperor. Dictating and deciding what Mother Earth is allowed to do or not to do. Wowww.

Reminds me of Napoleon on May 18, 1804, in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris…


All Mighty Homo sapiens…

Brand new certified controllers of earth temperatures and sea level changes.

Alternatively ?

Go Renewable-Green&Hot (RGH) ?

As a Li explorer-rocker-trader, geothermal hot H2O explorationist, Co2-Burial Officer, windmills entrepreneur etc. etc.

Keep on rock-ing-rolling-drilling ?

With “ Satisfaction “ as https://youtu.be/nrIPxlFzDi0 25 May, London Stadium.
Of course, now “off course and in off-green”.

The sustainable color en vogue that adds value to climate and sea level.

Certainement mes chère madames et monsieurs, oui, oui.

1. Pilbara Minerals Pilgangoora mine in WA will be one of the world’s largest lithium mines. The PIlgangoora Lithium-Tantalum deposit-Geological overview and evolution of discovery. J. S. Holmes-Pilbara Minerals Limited, jholmes@pilbaraminerals.com.au – https://lnkd.in/eEuFZAC

2. Petrogenesis of lithium-rich pegmatites.D.B. Steward,1978 – https://lnkd.in/eBR4xbx

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Doei, salu2, ciao, até logo, grüssen, cordialement, salut, добрый день, ajoo, tur kos bon mi dushi hendenan na Switi Sranan i mi famiri na switi Korsou, tan bun allamala !