34. Suriname: Exploration Potential 2010 unmasked in 2021. In retrospective.

Suriname Potential 2010
Suriname Potential 2010 – Staatsolie 9 dec. 2009 – Energy Seminar – Unmasking the Potential of Exploration by M. Daal-Vogelland and A. Nelson

Above map is taken from, full credit to the official publication of “ Staatsolie Energy Seminar on 9 december 2009.

Towards sustainable energy supply in Suriname.

The presentation Unmasking the Potential of Exploration by M. Daal-Vogelland and A. Nelson “.

It formed part of Vision 2020 of Staatsolie.

Expected offshore reserves indicated were the best educated guess in 2009.

Based on knowledge of the offshore leads, plays and prospects.

As determined in Staatsolie in Department Petroleum Contracts, precursor of present Petroleum Institute.

I was priviliged to serve SOM and this Department in that time.

It is of added value to have a look in retrospective, of the petroleum path travelled from 2010 to 2021.

How the petroleum landscape evolved in Suriname and the Guiana-Suriname Basin.

Departure in the dark with illusions ?

A blank, white map, with zero (0) barrels reserves offshore

Presently trailing with a big smile under the sun and full tropical moonshine ?

A crowded, cramped map, with some 1.4 billion barrels reserves.

” The best way to predict the future is to create it “ (Abraham Lincoln).

Especially in what I denominated the “ Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane “.

These maps and figures speak for themselves.

Further, on Petroleum Geologists?

Oh boy, I know them very well.

These guys are all just romantic subsurface daydreamers.

Illusionists, like David Copperfield.

They live, spent and most happily fade away in their geological time.

While immersed in a big bubble of Cinderella fairytales.

Or soaked in Magic Realism, like the stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Of what could be unveiled and become in a possible future, if, if and if….

Inventing elusive subsurface futuristic stories…

Kind of charlatans, sometimes.


All of a sudden.

Lightning at sunshine.

Big billions of bucks come blowing out of the subsurface…

by magic and serendipity.

Enjoy, fersteri, tan bun.


Sure, for sure, watch out, beware,

he/she is always and everywhere silently lurking around the corner,


…Mr/Mrs/Family  Oil Curse).

Guiana-Suriname Basin - Play Concept & Petroleum Habitat
Guiana-Suriname Basin – Play Concept & Petroleum Habitat – Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane – Painting and artistic vision in 2009 – Painted by my dear wife, on my request. At Nola Hatterman Art Academy, with Wilgo Vijfhoven and Rinaldo Klas, well-know sranan painters. Was part of her successful 30 pieces art exposition in march 2010. Titled “ A Tribute to mi Switi Sranankondre “. The country of my parents and grandparents, the latter came from Ghangzhou, transitioning out of the last Imperial Qing Dynasty. In the consulate of Venezuela in Paramaribo, Suriname. Previously I had it hanging in front of me, on the wall in my room. My own vision in 2009, painted on canvas, on how the subsurface future could unveil to be. At Staatsolie, Petroleum Contracts. We were very priviliged that Guyana solicited us to use this painting. It is the hard-cover of Guyana’s first book their oil history and recent Golden Lane discoveries.
Kwaskwasi-1 well, Bl.58, Apache
Kwaskwasi-1 well, Bl.58, Apache – Map of 2020
Block 58 area Production Prognosis
Block 58 & 52 Production Prognosis – Rystad, May 2021


ExxonMobil reserves 3/2020
ExxonMobil reserves 3/2020


33. Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane

Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane S-N X-section
Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane S-N X-section: Reference and disclaimer: taken from official publications from Staatsolie on Internet, through time. To promote Suriname Offshore.

This is a Regional Seismic Cross-Section Offshore Suriname (AA’).

Reference and disclaimer:

Taken form official publications of Staatsolie on Internet.

And presented during promotional activities, presentations at conferences etc.


I am an independant global petroleum and energy consultant.

I do not represent Staatsolie.

This is my private website and my private opinion.

Just see a beautiful S-N cross-section of the now famous, what I have called, Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane.

Already visible in the mind of those Explorers that wanted to see it?

Kwaskwasi-1 well, Bl.58, Apache
Kwaskwasi-1 well, some 300 meters oil column, Bl.58, Apache : Block 58? Three major home runs, back to back. Anno 2021, some 1.4 billion bbls reserves. Fast track FPSO development to produce in 2026 approx.

The whole play concept and petroleum habitat, of the Upper Cretaceous petroleum system.

Also note that this area was covered, licensed by former IOC’s?

Sure, they will certainly remember, for sure…

But unfortunately did not realise they were literally sitting on a Black Gold Mine, and on top of a very mature Canje kitchen?

Michelin 5 stars subsurface Canje kitchen, expelling light oil, condensate, wet gas in Block 58 and surrounding areas.

One IOC?

Focussed only on the Tertiary. Short sighted? Not to the “ Prime T-bone Steaks “…in the superb Upper Cretaceous petroleum system. Already 10+ billion barrels discovered in just 5 years.

Another IOC?

Quit with a most splendid and “ convincing “ last presentation of their bright, young exploration manager in charge of global exploration.

Concluding this area was not at all prospective, for them.

Stating that his firm was going to hunt for subsurface elephants in the Brazilian sub-salt…

And in other “ more prospective basins “.

I can still remember the grin on his face. After his first maiden visit to Sranankondre, certainly well-dressed, to explain all the technical subsurface details for quitting.

When he shaked hands and said goodbye to us

(…and simultaneously goodbye…to the “ Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane “ …)…

By the way, the clever, high flying IOC?

Silently disappeared from the global petroleum landscape…

What they might have missed?

Some 700,000 bbls/day by 2033, within 12 years ??

Block 58 area Production Prognosis
Block 58 area Production Prognosis; Sloanea included.


24. Suriname discoveries Block 58 (2020): How much will money could Suriname obtain ?

24. Suriname, Discoveries Maka Central, Sapakara and Kwaskwasi (offshore Block 58, Apache/Total, 2020):

How much money could Suriname obtain from these discoveries ?

Some 60 billion US$ Gross Revenue. With 21  billion US$ Suriname Government Take.

This is my own calculation, to have a ball-park figure (amount in billion US$ involved ).

Kwaskwasi-1 well, Bl.58, Apache
Maka Central#1 discovery, Bl.58, Apache, January 2020


  1. Petroleum Sharing Contract (Model PSC, https://www.staatsolie.com/media/tuvjyme3/model-psc.pdf;                  Average R-factor 1,25.
  2. 300 million barrels reserves Maka (Woodmack 2020)
  3. 300 million barrels reserves Sapakara
  4. 300 million barrels reserves Kwaskwasi
  5. 70 US$ / barrel, when entering production phase, somewhere 2027.
  6. Economics run


Some 60 billion US$ Gross Revenue.

From Maka Central, Sapakara and Kwaskwasi discoveries (2020).


Some 21  billion US$ Suriname Government Take.

A) Gross Revenue Maka Central discovery could be some 20 billion US$, with

Government (Suriname) total net income: some 7 billion US$


a. Royalty: 1,3 (billion US$)

b. Profit Oil: 2,7 (billion US$)

c. Taxes : 3 (billion US$)

Government Take represents some 65 %, if adding 20% participation in Production phase.

IRR between 20-30%

B) Gross Revenue and other financial figures for Sapakara and Kwaskwasi discoveries are the same as Maka.






23. Suriname – Kwaskwasi Prospect, Block 58, Apache

23. Suriname – Kwaskwasi Prospect, Block 58, Apache – V.15.05.20

The well was spudded second half April 2020. Should be closer to TD, logging, testing by this time.

Well coordinates (drillship Noble Sam Croft):

7.46573 N / 56.12068 W.

Objectives: Upper Cretaceous fans.
Similar to the 2 previous substantial discoveries Maka Central #1 and Sapakara West-1.

Chasing hydrocarbons in multiple stacked targets in the Upper Cretaceous, Campanian and Santonian intervals.

My best guess ?
Discovery nr. 3, with high-value light oil and condensate; most probably, hopefully.

Why ?
Is located just in between previous 2 discoveries. With the same discovery-prone hydrocarbon habitat characteristics. Mature/late mature kitchen still active, light oil and condensate. Multiple good reservoir sands and top seals.

On trend and represents the eastern part of the Liza-Sapakara discovery trend ( “ Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane “).

Sapakara West-1 results ?

Total 79 meters (259 feet) of net oil and gas condensate pay in two intervals.

Equals ??? million bbls reserves ?

The shallower Campanian interval contains 13 meters (43 feet) of net gas condensate and 30 meters (98 feet) of net oil pay, with API oil gravities between 35 and 40 degrees.

The deeper Santonian interval contains 36 meters (118 feet) of net oil-bearing reservoir with API oil gravities between 40 and 45 degrees.

Tertiary reservoirs, in general ?

May contain heavy, biodegradated, low commercial oil.

Similar to the Tullow discoveries in 2019 in Guyana.

Paleocene-Oligocene deep marine sandstone reservoirs.

Jethro-1 well, Orinduik block, 55m net heavy oil pay in good Lower Tertiary reservoir sands.

Joe-1 well, TD at 2175 m, 14 m net pay in Upper Tertiary, heavier oil than Jethro-1 and with high sulphur content.
This as the reservoirs received the oil while at rather shallow depth (wrong timing). At some 800 – 2500 m depth, thus within biodegradation range.

Before being buried deeper, to their present depth. Related with the thick Late Miocene (especially Tortonian) interval deposited on top of them.

The Tortonian – Recent sediments sediment wedge if very thick. It coincides and is due to an important uplift and erosion cycle of the Roraima Province.

Shelf-edge wells may all present this problem in the Tertiary interval.

Hydrocarbon generation from Canje SR in this basin started between 10 – 5 Ma and continues at present.


My remarks (pre- and postdrill) on Maka Central and Sapakara discoveries, in posts 21 and 22.

Many posts on Guiana-Suriname Basin.

” Why is there Heavy Oil in Cenozoic Reservoirs Offshore Guyana ” 2020, by Halliburton, R. James, J. Schotschman and R. Head

Reports Tullow and Apache

Kwaskwasi-1 well, Bl.58, Apache
Kwaskwasi-1 well, Bl.58, Apache


22. Suriname – Block 58, Apache, Sapakara West-1 prospect

22 Suriname – Block 58, Apache, Sapakara West-1 prospect V.5.2.20

My best educated guess (5th february 2020):

Will most certainly be the 2nd significant petroleum (light oil & condensate) discovery offshore Suriname.

Rien ne va plus. Faîtes vos jeux. Somewhere beginning April 2020 we will know hopefully.

April 02, 2020:

Significant discovery, announcement by Apache / Total (http://investor.apachecorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/apache-corporation-announces-significant-oil-discovery-offshore/):

Sapakara West-1 was drilled to a depth of approximately 6,300 meters (20,700 feet), and successfully tested for the presence of hydrocarbons in multiple stacked targets in the upper Cretaceous-aged Campanian and Santonian intervals.

Preliminary fluid samples and test results indicate at least 79 meters (259 feet) of net oil and gas condensate pay (35-45 API oil gravities range) in two intervals.

The shallower Campanian interval contains 13 meters (43 feet) of net gas condensate and 30 meters (98 feet) of net oil pay, with API oil gravities between 35 and 40 degrees.

The deeper Santonian interval contains 36 meters (118 feet) of net oil-bearing reservoir with API oil gravities between 40 and 45 degrees.

Development of Maka and Sapakara discoveries ?

My prognosis is that 2 discoveries could probably be developed, such as with a high capacity FPSO and a production of some 150,000 b/d.

If also Kwaskwasi results to be a similar, significant discovery (what I expect) ? These 3 could be connected to just one FPSO with a production of some 225,000 b/d. Somewhere in 2027.

Block 58 is part of the east side of, what I call and name the “ Golden Lane of Guiana-Suriname Basin “.

Sapakara West 1 Location map:

Sapakara West 1
Sapakara West 1

Block 58 and bordering area presents a very similar
hydrocarbon habitat, with strong discovery-prone fundamentals, just as the previous major/giant Guyana discoveries.

ExxonMobil reserves 3/2020
ExxonMobil reserves 3/2020

Critical geological exploration & discovery success factors, in my humble opinion, till now are:

1) Fan systems in the “ deeper, third “ terrace or Cretaceous (deep) offshore area.
North of Cretaceous continental / basin margin.

Lisa giant discovery ?

Well-developed basin floor fan deposystem. Maastrichtian in age, Late Cretaceous.

2) Located above and/or close to the prolific mature/late mature Canje source rock kitchen.
With short and minimal migration problems.

Liza habitat giant fields GSB
Liza and habitat of other giant fields in GSB -Basinfloor fans in “ Upper Cretaceous offshore area “; Reference eco.com, sept. 2018

Canje source rock is similar and time-equivalent (” family “) to famous Venezuelan, La Luna & Querecual source rocks.

Note on the seismic section that the thickness of the Cenomanian source rock is not constant. But varies considerably, consequently also with strong variability in the amount of source rock available for petroleum generation.

The latters have generated some 300 billion barrels of proven reserves.
Some 100 billion bbls in Maracaibo Basin, some 200 billion in Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt (Ref. e.g. my own publications on these, also on this website).

3) Application of ExxonMobil proprietary full wave seismic inversion technology. Permitted discovery of 5 largest fields (Tilapia, Haimara, Yellowtail, Tripletail, Mako). Raised success rate to 90% in offshore Guyana.

My own geo-mindbreakers, have never seen any published data (yet) on this ?

Kitchens GSB - Repsol
Kitchens GSB – Repsol – Reference: eco.com, sept 2018

a) How many billion barrels of petroleum were generated in Guiana-Suriname Basin, (just) from Canje source rock ?

…Major oil and gas generation from kerogen occurs between 120 and 150°C in the subsurface…

…gas generation continues to temperatures ⪢ 160°C

b) How many km2 area does Canje cover?

c) How thick is Canje source rock (on average) ?

d) How much TOC content, on average ?

d) What is the volume in km3 of Canje source rocks ?

e) What is the total generation potential of 1 m3 Canje source rock, based on geochemical lab results ?

…> 5 kgt−1 of rock and average organic carbon contents > 1.5% expel 60–90% of the total oil generated.

f) What is the generation potential during the successive maturation stages (early, middle, late stages).


The richness calculated to be between 9 – 41 MMboe/km 2, for similar La Luna / Villeta S.R..

For example, in Norean-1 well, La Luna is 546 m thick with an average TOC value of 3.14 wt%; the Hydrogen Index (HI) is close to 302 mgHC/gTOC, and the S2 ranges from 5 to 27 mg/gRock

HC Generated La Luna SR
HC Generated La Luna SR

Ref.  A Regional Overview of the La Luna Formation and the Villeta Group as Shale Gas/Shale Oil in the Catatumbo, Magdalena Valley and Eastern Cordillera Regions, Colombia* Ricardo Veiga1 and Francisco Dzelalija1
Search and Discovery Article #10565 (2014) Posted January 20, 2014
*Adapted from extended abstract prepared for oral presentation at AAPG International Conference & Exhibition, Cartagena, Colombia, September 8-11, 2013).

g) Where are the different area maps of the successive maturity phases ?

h) Reason?  

We (dr. Suhas Talukdar, former colleague and myself) did this same important and indispensable excercise for Maracaibo Basin, in 1984.
As part of ” Generation and migration of hydrocarbons in the Maracaibo basin, Venezuela: An integrated basin study “.
Under stewardship of prof. dr. John M. Hunt and prof. dr. Parke Dickey.

i) Etc. etc.etc., enough for a whole congress on source rocks…to get an idea on how much to expect…

3) deep basin floor fans are rather flat lying/low dip, with efficiënt top and side seals. Have a very wide areal extent with the largest reservoir / giant field potential.

Some references:

1) Previous posts on GS basin on my website

2) GeoArt post: painting, my own prognosis in 2008 on Discovery Play types (already long before Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane discovery):

Liza giant discovery, basinfloor and related fan systems.
Presented at successful Art exposition april 2010 at Consulate of Venezuela, Paramaribo, Suriname.

This painting has been solicited and elected for the frontpage of the book titled “ Guyana’s Oil Odyssey, 1750-2019 “ published by the University of Guyana.

3) M.Sc. thesis (2009) on “ Deep Water Turbidites and Fan Systems in Guiana-Suriname Basin – Future Hydrocarbon Potential “.
Based on offshore seismic, wells, field analogs, experimental lab results & insights obtained at University Utrecht, company reports etc.
Thesis including Block 58 and surrounding area.
By one of my Dutch students, I designed the project and was his thesis steward and supervisor.

4) Offshore Suriname, A New Outlook.
Based on my own re-evaluation.

Play fairways, play types, prospective zones, leads, prospects, source rocks and kitchens, areas available for IOC licensing.
Presented dec. 2009, Trinidad, Port of Spain, Caribbean Energy Conference.

5) Etc. etc. etc.

Maka Central 1 First discovery
Maka Central 1 First discovery


Apache Map
Apache map

20. Guiana-Suriname Basin: 11 LinkedIn Posts October 2019

Contents (11)- V.22.10.19

1  Orinduik (and Kanuku) prospect map -Updated; Source Tullow Oil 2019

2  Depositional Environment and Reservoir Prediction – GS Basin; Hess, 2018

3  Multiple Prospects and Play Types Offshore Guyana – Exploration; Hess.com, 2019

4  Corentyne Offshore PPL – Composite Dip Line and Depositional Model – Fig. 4-6; cgxenergy.com

5  Guyana-Suriname Basin discoveries vs. CO2; 2019

6  Suriname Offshore Play and Licenses Maps; Ref. opportunities.staatsolie.com, 2019

7  Guyana-Suriname Basin – Continental Margin and Deep Basins – 3D Cartoon of possible processes; Taken and adapted from Fig. 13 of M. Rebecca et al, 2014

8  Core Photos Liza-5, Payara-1; ExxonMobil; Hess Investor Presentation 2018

9  Ranger Appraisal – Stacked carbonate play opener; Hess, dec. 2018

10  Walker Exploration Prospect, Carbonate, Suriname; Hess, dec. 2018

11  Kitchen map Canje Formation source rock in Guyana-Suriname Basin – Fig. 4; Ref. Halliburton, 2019

12  Further ?

Orinduik Kanuku prospect map hashtagdiscoveries guianasurinamebasin goldenlaneguianasuriname Exxonmobil hess cnooc tullow anadarko eco total cgx


Giant fields are located on the lowermost “ Terrace “. So far 10/19.

Area of Upper Cretaceous rather flat-lying seafloor fans & associated sediments.
Located straight above the mature Canje source rocks kitchen. Where apparently the petroleum system works optimal.
Myself I call this the “ Guiana – Suriname Golden Lane “ playfairway.

Updip slope fans and fans/reservoirs in Tertiary involve a higher risk as far as migration, side and top seals is concerned.

Extending this cartoon, eastwards towards Sranankondre onshore 1 billion OOIP Tambaredjo field (1964).

A most simple Tambaredjo Exploration Quiz:

Oil from same Liza kitchen ?

Thus some 20 billion bbls needed to make a 1 billion bbls field at 150 km away:

Olympic Gold Medal Subsurface Longdistance Walking & Hurdling.


Why not take it easy, why walk so far, zig-zagging, hurdling, sneaking around, escaping etc. If you have plenty of complacent reservoirs nearby?

Somewhat similar to voluntarily and with wanderlust trailing the 777 km Camino de Santiago trail from Roncesvalles to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela on Plaza Obradoiro (https://mar-petroleumexplorationconsultant.com/9-dia-del-apostol-santiago-y-dia-de-la-patria-gallega-25-julio/)?

By the way, where are the other 18 billion bbls that initially accompanied me when expelled out of the kitchen, while traveling and venturing off the beaten paths towards Tambaredjo high ??
Sure, in-between, no doubt, totally agree.

Prize: A billion bbls field ?

Faîtes vous jeux. Rien ne va plus.

Source, picture, Tullow Oil, Internet.

Orinduik-Kanuku Prospect Map-Tullow-2019
Orinduik-Kanuku Prospect Map-Tullow-2019
  • Carapa-1 to be drilled: Reference, LI, Javed Razack, 20/10/19:

Rowan/Valaris EXL II jackup rig. Will drill 1 well, Carapa-1, for Repsol, Kanuku Block.

Carapa prospect is a 200-million-barrel Cretaceous target located in 70m of water.

The Kanuku block is almost 2000 sq km and operated by Repsol with a 37.5% stake. The partners are Tullow (37.5%) and Total (25%). With Tullow having back to back discoveries in 2019, it is certain that as a partner, Tullow will share their learnings, increasing the well’s chance of success.

Repsol has already hinted at 2 more exploration wells in 2020.

  • Jethro 1-Lobe discovery, 2019.

Clean Lower Tertiary amalgamated sandstone, 55 m. net, excellent reservoir. Clear seismic definition. Potential to be a standalone commercial discovery. Evaluating requirements for an appraisal well.

Well cost some $ 45 m.
Ref. Eco Atlantic, Colin Kinley, COO, 24-10-19.

Jethro, recent analysis (13/11/19) has shown that heavy oil was encountered.

  • Joe-1 discovery, 2019.

Well cost $21 m.
Proven reservoir, 16 m. net, and oil charge in Upper Tertiary sands.

Joe, recent analysis (13/11/19) has shown that heavy oil was encountered.

  • Jethro-1 and Joe-1 are mobile heavy crudes. Similar to the commercial heavy crudes (North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Campos Basin, Venezuela and Angola) with high sulphur content.
  • Jethro-1 discovery has the advantage of 8,500 PSI reservoir (2,600 PSI Overpressure), which increases drive efficiency; high reservoir temperature of 94 degrees Celsius; and an estimated flowing well head temperature of 90 degrees.
    Both increases oil mobility and provides an advantage at the floating production facility. Ref. Energypedia, 13/11/19
  • https://www.energy-pedia.com/news/guyana/eco-(atlantic)-oil-gas-provides-update-on-initial-analysis-of-jethro-and-joe-wells-offshore-guyana-178087
  • Business, shares, value, Financial Times, 13/11/19:
  • Tullow shares tumble after warning on Guyana projects.
  • Encouragement for other Upper Tertiary prospects in Orinduik.

Such as Jimmy (2020?). Situated in same charged sands. 3D processing and interpretation ongoing to correlate with the 2 discoveries.

  • Eco Atlantic, 3/11/19, Exploration, discoveries, influence on share price;Twitter: Increases to discovered resource at Hammerhead and Jethro
    Hammerhead is a major discovery made by Exxon/Hess on the Stabroek Block, which extends onto the Orinduik Block. Eco believes ~10% of Hammerhead could lie on its block and Hammerhead could be 400-800mmboe gross. Eco’s last CPR (prior to the appraisal wells) only gave credit for 2mmboe net to Eco and we have increased this to 9mmboe based on 600mmboe gross, with 10% on the Orinduik block following the positive appraisal results reported by Hess/Exxon. This gives a risked value of 12p/sh or 19p/sh unrisked. On Jethro, we are upping the estimated recoverable resource estimate to 250mmboe from 215mmboe to reflect the results exceeding the partners’ pre-drill expectations. This gives a risked value of 46p/sh or 81p/sh unrisked. The pre-drill estimate for Jethro was 215mmboe in the CPR on a P50 basis or 340mmbbl on a P10 basis. In the P10 case, using an NPV of US$5/bbl, the discovery is worth >US$250mm net to Eco on an unrisked basis.
    New Tertiary exploration prospects, derisked by Jethro and Joe

2) Depositional Environment and Reservoir Prediction – GS Basin – Hess, 2018


Herewith related?

  • Apache, Block 58 & surroundings in Suriname, Q2.

Some 80-20 km east of Turbot, Pluma, Haimara discoveries.

Maka prospect, spudded 24-9-2019 with Noble Sam Croft drillship.
Possibly up to 3 wells.

  • Most fortunate?

Sitting right on top of a red, late mature, now condensate cooking and expelling Canje source rock late Neogene kitchen…

Just put a valid basin floor fan, slope fan, shelf carbonate, whatever on op top of it?

Full to spil? Spilling over ??
Maka Central 1; Sapakara West 1 ?

Haute Sranankondre Condensate Cuisine ?

” Michelin Subsurface 4-Stars “ ?

   Alias “ The Kitchen of Mrs. Liza – Maka  “?

Top of the world…?
About january 2020 we will know. Success or failure ?

Status at 21-12-2019?
A significant discovery.
Most probably not a giant discovery.

Not the full extension of the “ Liza Golden Lane “?

My best guess at this stage. Not found wat was hoped and expected ? Two intervals “ tested “ and cased of. Commercial amounts ? Some 200-300 million bbls? Decided to drill deeper for a Lower Cretaceous ? interval. Why? To find more reserves to make it commercial and make it fly ?


1. Hess, Investors Forum, dec. 2018

2. https://suriname-mirror.blogspot.com/2019/09/amerikaanse-oliemaatschappij-apache.html

Guyana-Depositional-Reservoir-Hess 2018
Guyana-Depositional-Reservoir-Hess 2018
3) Multiple Prospects and Play Types Offshore Guyana – Exploration – Hess.com, 2019

GuianaSurinameBasin Hess hashtagExxonMobil CNOOC goldenlane Haimara1 Makaprospect Apache block58


Location #Haimara-1 discovery: encountered 63m of high quality reservoir (gas/condensate) and could potentially open up a new area.)


A) Apache_Block58_Makaprospect?_spudded_24 sept 2019_drillingahead vs.

Eagle1 2012 oil & gas shows P&A. vs.

Kankantrie 8/2019 Staatsolie dryhole water #8million 800millionbarrels hashtagnearshore nickerie Suriname;

Kankantrie was de grootste prospect met een mogelijkheid van 800 miljoen barrels, wel met een laag slagingspercentage van 10 procent.
Wij zaten op 2000 meter van de 2900 meter (TD), dan is iedereen enthousiast en dat enthousiasme is overgebracht.
Nu blijkt echter dat de boorput Kankantrie helemaal niets heeft opgeleverd. Ref. http://dwtonline.com/laatste-nieuws/2019/09/17/informatie-over-kankantrie-oliebron-geen-fake-nieuws/.

  • Is Suriname Block 58 upper half, the extension of the proven petroleum system, habitat and setting of the “ Guiana Golden Lane “ ??
    The sediments were to a lesser extent sourced through the Berbice canyon, probably. But by paleo-canyons along the Suriname continental shelf and margin (e.g. Corantijn Incised Valley, Saramacca -, Suriname river valley etc.).

A wildcat exploration by Apache is currently 10/19 underway in Suriname. Prior to this only 14 wells have been drilled in the Guyana-Suriname basin beyond water depths greater than 20 meters.


Hess Investor Information_16/10/2019_@$ 65.23 share_price and Etc. etc. etc. on Internet.

4) Corentyne Offshore PPL – Composite Dip Line and Depositional Model – Fig. 4-6 – cgxenergy.com

Eagle1 well hashtagoilshows P&A

Just southwest of Haimara 1 discovery & just west of Block 58_#Apache_#Suriname: Eagle 1 well, 2012, oil & gas shows. P&A.

Probably no efficient top & side seals. The Turonian, primary prospect, is divided into two units, separated by a flooding surface that acts as an internal seal.

These sand rich amalgamated sea floor fans are sourced from the Corentyne incised valley, and lie directly on top of Cenomanian source beds. The target reservoir package pinches out both laterally and up dip via a stratigraphic or facies pinch out.

Turonian sands were penetrated by the North Coronie #1 well in offshore Suriname. Directly above the regional anoxic source rock, the Lower Cenomanian Canje formation.

Equivalent/contemporaneous of Villeta-La Luna-Querecual-Naparima Hill anoxic source rocks (10-15 m.y., Cenomanian-Coniacian). Deposited along the whole northern South American passive continent margin during Upper Cretaceous.

Ref. :

a) https://lnkd.in/ez4Ewyw, 15 April 2011 

Corentyne Offshore PPL-Composite Dip Line and Depositional Model - cgxenergy.com
Corentyne Offshore PPL-Composite Dip Line and Depositional Model – cgxenergy.com
5) Guyana-Suriname Basin discoveries vs. CO2; 2019

GuianaSurinameBasingoldenlane hotspot sweetspot co2 parisagreement temperatureincrease climatechange sealevelchange

Some 5 billion bbls discovered.

Much more coming.

Rumoured in the global geo-grapevine.

Most ardently desired.

Simple questions ?

Does it line up withParisAgreement (1)?

How much#CO2 will these generate in the future (2)?

Sustainable included in the Green State Development Strategy?

Doesn’t matter, anyway, never thought of?

  • Facts:

Combined liquid fuels from an average barrel of crude oil produces a minimum of 327 kg #CO2 when consumed.

  • Thus: 5 billion X 317 kg = 1585 billion kg CO2.

Hmm, quite some… Convinced it was about close to nothing…

(= how much temperature increase + sealevel rise + etc. etc…

Sure, most interesting “ Sea-Level Rise Symposium, 4/10/2019).

Who cares anyway ? Shareholders? Stakeholders?
Any Guiana-Suriname Basin Greenpeace activist around or signaled on the horizon ? Not yet Mrs. Greta Thunberg to defend Mother Earth ?

  • CO2, Newsweek, By Ewan Palmer,

“ SHELL CEO says it’s entirely legitimate to invest in oil and gas after being named among 20 firms behind third of all carbon Emissions.

  • The company was ranked seventh out of the state and investor-owned firms who helped contribute to 480 billion tonnes (= 480 000 billion kilogram) of carbon dioxide equivalent in the modern era.

Van Beurden said. A bigger risk is prematurely turning your back on oil and gas.

Speaking to Reuters he was dismissing what he described as the “demonization” and “unjustified” concerns about the energy company’s future business model “.

Thus, entirely legitimate…

Turn your head with your iconic Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses on and the Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic.

Full throttle?
Autostrada del Sole near Alassio, in a lovely sunroof V6 C350.

Swiftly speed and dance away.


Enjoy life, la Vida es Una (1) no mas.

A gozar bailando salsa y bachata, se dijo…




1. https://lnkd.in/eSsi6uf

2. https://lnkd.in/ezvWhMP

3. Newsweek.com and imasdk.googleapis.com


ExxonMobil Discoveries_10/19
ExxonMobil Discoveries @ 10/19; = 1585 billion kg CO2 @ 2019; Co2 generated through time by Shell’s produced and burned petroleum up to 2019: 480 000 billion kilogram. Thus 303 x amount that Guiana petroleum reserves 2019 will generate in CO2.
6) Suriname Offshore Play Map – Ref. opportunities.staatsolie.com, 2019

Suriname Offshore Play Map

Question? Weekend Quiz?

Which other essential exploration related items could possibly be missing on this beautiful map ?

Reference: Staatsolie, 2/1/2019 https://lnkd.in/ePxcT3T

Map 1.

Offshore Playmap_SOM_2019
Offshore Playmap_SOM_2019

Map 2

Suriname Licensing Areas 10/2019_Staatsolie
Suriname Licensing Areas 10/2019_Staatsolie


7) Guyana-Suriname Basin – Continental Margin and Deep Basins – Cartoon of possible processes; Taken and adapted from Fig. 13 of M. Rebecca et al, 2014

GuianaSurinameBasingeocartoon of possible dynamic processes. turbidites deepwater slopefans canyons contourite pelagite ExxonMobil hess cnooc tullow cgx total eco


Is this more or less how it really was in Guiana-Suriname Basin ?

Since Upper Cretaceous to Recent.

As unveiled in present day offshore basins on different continents.

Sure, for the sake of simplicity.

Not even taken into account the large amount of fine-grained sediments in G-S basin, first since 10 Ma, provenant from Amazon river.

Increasing drastically since 4.5 Ma. Amazon River and the continental-scale Amazon drainage basin were assembled during the late Miocene and Pliocene.

The Surinam coast is part of the extensive tropical mud coast between the Amazon River and the Orinoco River. Classified as a low to medium energy coast.

A substantially longshore supply of mud originates from the Amazon River. The fine grained sediment (pelite) is transported in suspension and also deposited in the deeper parts of Guiana-Suriname Basin.

A little bit different though?

From the nostalgic or fairy tale-like character multi-colored geo-cartoons.

As usually presented on Investor Forums…


Adapted & customised from fig. 13: https://lnkd.in/e4SQVaP!

Guiana-Suriname Basin-Cartoon_MCAL_Adapted_M.Rebesco et.al. 2014
Guiana-Suriname Basin-Cartoon_MCAL_Adapted_M.Rebesco et.al. 2014
8) Core Photos Liza-5, Payara-1; ExxonMobil; Hess Investor Presentation 2018

corephotos Liza5 Payara1 guianasurinamebasin giantfield goldenlane ExxonMobil hess cnooc reservoirsands slopefans deepwater turbidites basinfloorfans blackshales sourcerock hashtagcontourite pelagite


Frequent black/dark thin layers/intercalations.

Somewhat irregular or slightly disturbed, in the “ basinfloor fan reservoir sands “.

Implications ??

Intercalated black shales with high TOC content ?

Layers consisting of coaly, originally leaf fragments, such as in the turbidite sandstones in the deep-water Kutei Basin ?

Intercalated pelagites ?


Associated to myriad oceanographic processes in surface, intermediate and deep-water masses?

Someone put some black make-up or marked black layers on the core picture to make it more interesting ?

Indication to revise and adapt existing facies/exploration/production models ?

Etc. etc. etc.

Make your own free geo-democratic choice and interpretation…

Sure, pls let me know the right answer, thx in advance.


Hess (HES) Investor Presentation – Slideshow – Dec. 12, 2018 and Internet publications.

Cores Liza5_Payara1_ExxonMobil
Cores Liza5_Payara1_ExxonMobil
9) Ranger Appraisal – Stacked carbonate play opener; Hess, dec. 2018


GuianaSurinameBasin Ranger carbonate albian jurassicvolcanics

basement discovery goldenlane

Ranger discovery ?

Sitting on top of an old volcano of the Jurassic seafloor “ basement “? (…as was seriously rumoured, after discovery…).

Possible size & reserves ?

Height, some 35 contours (time/depth) of 20 ms/m (?) intervals, above Maximum/Deepest Lowest

Closing Contour? Area, max. 6 x 6 miles surface (@ LCC).

= ??? million barrels…

Time will tell.


Hess (HES) Investor Presentation – Slideshow – Dec. 12, 2018

Ranger discovery_Carbonate_Guyana_Hess
Ranger discovery_Carbonate_Guyana_Hess
10) Walker Exploration Prospects, Suriname; Hess, dec. 2018

GuianaSurinameBasin Suriname block42 walkerprospect carbonate prospect goldenlane

Locally carbonates and shallow marine carbonate platforms are found in offshore Guiana-Suriname . Such as Albian and Tertiary shelf and reefal carbonates.

At least one offshore well drilled into and encountered carbonates.


Hess (HES) Investor Presentation – Slideshow – Dec. 12, 2018 and Internet publications.

Walker prospect_Hess_Suriname
Walker prospect_Hess_Suriname
11) Kitchen map Canje Formation source rock in Guyana-Suriname Basin – Fig. 4; Ref. Halliburton, 2019

GuianaSurinameBasin kitchen modelled, anchored at hashtagLiza1 location.

Basin & Source Rock & Migration Modelling.


Just follow the darkblue modelled migration pathways. And unveil your future (giant) petroleum fields.


A minor detail, my personal geo-mindbreakers.

a) Note Tambaredjo giant field unfortunately is completely outside the migration fairways…

Hm, hmm, would not have discovered it with this map.

Most fortunately GMD explored for…water for the village, to find it.


Different really astonishing bone dry wells. Not 1 ppm petroleum according to mr. gaschromatograph.

In Suriname area’s located right in&along two of the prime migration highways and mainstreams.

Hm hmmm.

c) Further ?

In this oval shaped basin & grand kitchen.

Does petroleum only migrate southwards/upwards/updip ?

Not eastwards ? Direction west flank Demerara High.

Never westwards ? Farther than Ranger-1 discovery.

Seldom northwards ? Towards Block 59 of ExxonMobil.

D) Apache, Block 58 & surroundings.

Most fortunate?

Sitting right on top of a red, late mature, condensate cooking and expelling Canje, late Neogene kitchen…

Just put a valid basinfloor fan and slope fan above it?

Full to spill…

Haute Sranankondre Condensate Cuisine

“ Michelin Subsurface 4-Stars “

Alias “ The Kitchen of Mrs. Liza “


https://lnkd.in/eeh7r3r – Halliburton, 2018

BasinMod Liza_Halliburton
BasinMod Liza_Halliburton
12) Further? Please keep in touch? More most exiting exploration histories to follow. The show must go on !

In booming Guiana-Suriname Basin. For both explorationists, investors, business people and many many others.

Block 58, Apache, Suriname, soon, next major discovery, first in Sranankondre, extension of Liza-Payara Golden Lane ??

Faites vos jeux, rien ne va plus.

19 Geologists 1969, Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands

Geology students 1969 and staff of Leiden. My study buddies. Southern England stratigraphy excursion.

Geologists 1969 Leiden
Geologists 1969 Leiden

This post in view of our 50-Years-Anniversary on September 07, 2019 in Schokland, Holland. Many of us have not seen each other for decades. Especially for this gathering various are traveling from distant places as Australia, Bulgaria and France.
Previous to this event we all unveil our own half century story, time for an update.

Leidse Universiteit, Faculteit Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen – Subfaculteit der Geologie en Geofysica.

Geologisch en Mineralogisch Instituut (nu ” ‘t Kruitschip ” appartementen genaamd), Garenmarkt 1B, Leiden, studiejaar 1969 (alias Sixty Nine’ers).

Geologisch Instituut Leiden
Geologisch Instituut Leiden, Garenmarkt 1B. Hoofdingang met daarboven op de 1ste etage de werkkamer van Marcel, Ray, Wilbert, Arie en Andre. Daarboven de suite van prof.dr. E. den Tex.
Marcel Chin-A-Lien

Petrologie & Ertsgeologie, Leiden & Amsterdam, 1969-1977

Ingeniero Geólogo, Venezuela, 1982

Executive M.B.A., Mergers & Acquisitions, USA, 2000

M.Sc. Management Oil Business, Amsterdam, 2001


Geologisch Instituut Leiden
Geologisch Instituut Leiden, Garenmarkt 1B. Deze bronsen plaquette is geplaatst door de Leidsche Geologische Vereniging, LGV. Betaald met de donatie & legaat van jaargenoot en tevens mijn trouwe makker en  karteer buddy in Cremenés, Cantabrië, Spanje. En Bernkastel-Kues, Eiffel, Duitsland: Willem Vreeburg, R.I.P. 2017.
La Bella Italia, La Dolce Vita

Zes maanden doctoraal veldwerk in Italië, Piemonte, Cottische Alpen, met mijn Citroen 2CV besteleend, trouwe buddy sinds mijn 1ste studiejaar.

Bivakkerend op 2020 m. naast het iconisch berghotel Rifugio Bergeria Selleries. Situato nella conca dell’Alpe nel cuore del Parco Naturale Orsiera Rocciavrè. Met Wilbert en zijn vrouw Josely, gr8 nostalgic times.

Idyllische kampeerplek en geologisch bijzonder interessant studiegebied. Eerst onderdeel van de Ligurische oceaan in het Jura, long ago. Vervolgens high-pressure gedoken onder de Apulische plaat. Daarna gelukkig weer de kop opgestoken. Obducted-educted als dekblad naar zijn huidige de plek. Hunkerend om bestudeerd te worden voor de Leidse Dora Maïra boys.

Vloeiend Italiaans geleerd, certamente, la piu bella lingua nel mondo. Lasting vriendschap gesmeed met Marisa en Silvana van Selleries. Silvana’s zoon is nu asistent professor in Groningen.  Gli amici italiane da sempre, adesso anche in Olanda.

In het nabije gebied karteerden ook trouwe makkers André, Arie en Ray.






I Ragazzi Olandesi, Dora Maïra Boys
Boudinage, Piemonte
Boudinage in Triassic marbles. Cottian Alps, Piemonte, Italy. Excursion June 1973, with prof. dr. Giorgio dal Piaz, Università Torino and prof. dr. Emile den Tex, Leiden. Vlnr. Arie Schaap, André van der Meulen, Marcel Chin-A-Lien, Wilbert Hocks.

Enerverende dolce vita nella bella Italia. Certamente, caríssimi amici, ciao a tutti. Pasta, pizza, vino.

Remembering also the leisure escapes to the Italian Riviera and Monaco.

Wilbert & Josely, you will certainly recall. Barolo, Barbera, Lacrima Cristi wines, you were on honeymoon.

Closing with a round trip, a cultural discovery voyage of northern Italy after fieldwork.

Bergería Selleries, Italia
Rifugio Bergeria Selleries, Fenestrelle, Piemonte, Italia – http://www.rifugioselleries.it
Moving to Venezuela, 1977-1989

Na afstuderen meteen gerold in een interesante baan bij de Geologische Dienst van Venezuela. Goud exploratie in het Precambrisch Schild. Most interesting, wow, hier had ik immers voor gestudeerd.


This decade coincided with the golden oil boom of Venezuela, with Caracas as La Sucursal del Cielo. Similar to the prevailing ambience in A moveable feast in Paris, from Ernest Hemingway, pura fiesta y parrandas.

In 1980 gestapt in de olie, petroleum exploratie en productie in Petróleos de Venezuela met veelbelovende lange termijn carrière perspectieven. 

Een klassiek traject doorlopen, bottoms-up, hands-on across the ranks. Beginnend in iconic Maracaibo basin met E&P field operations, veldwerk, putten boren, olievelden zoeken en ontdekken. Doorstromend naar Research & Development instituut Intevep en hoofdkantoor.

Venezuela, La Sucursal del Cielo

A gifted place, most studied in tedious geology textbooks in Leiden now in my hands and at my footsteps, amazing.

Amazing and gifted indubitably? 6 Miss world, 7 miss universe titles. Precious, fashionable and elegant women, everyday, everywhere, really, unique, wow.

Geluk en succes gehad by contributing to the discovery van 2 giant oil fields.

6 Miljard vaten olie, a whole lot of oil.

More than ever to be found in Holland. Tevens enige landmark petroleum publicaties.


Geluk en succes bovenal gehad met de giant discovery van mijn lieve, lovely en loyale echtgenote. Ontdekt en getrouwd in Caracas.

Ze is van alles voor mij. Esposa, amante, amiga, confidente, moeder en ook kunstschilderes, all-in-1.

Zoonlief heeft gelukkige spaanssprekende kinderjaartjes doorgebracht in Caracas. Vervolgens in NL, altijd blijmoedig en de fortuinlijke winnaar van de Faas Wilkes award als talentvolle voetbal jeugdspeler. Is ook afgestudeerd bij Universiteit Leiden.

De Caracazo, een golf rellen, schietpartijen en bloedbaden in Caracas in februari 1989, was mijn duidelijke alarmbel dat het laatste rondtje was begonnen.

Carajo, time to move on diligently, se termino la fiesta.

Zie 30 jaar later.

De suïcidale afgrond waarin Venezuela zich eigenhandig gestort heeft door corrupte en ontspoorde machtspotentaten. From riches to rags. An emaciated dystopia.

Result ?

Precies als in Cronica de una muerte anunciada, thriller van Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Mijn lievelingschrijver sinds bewoner van Huize Maupertuus, gelegen schuin tegenover het vroegere huis van dichter Piet Paaltjens in Leiden.



Europe and other places, 1990 – Present

Nieuwjaar 1990 Den Haag binnengerold met een pracht baan als chief geologist bij een Amerikaanse oliemaatschappij. Hunt Dynasty familiebedrijf uit Dallas, van biljonairs Herbert, Bunker en zusters.

Petroleum zoeken, produceren, dus make money met technische en business-commercial development expertise, de hele cocktail.

Outperforming major competitors in Dutch North Sea, with hugh gas discoveries in this super mature basin as with iconic G17, the only major stratigraphic trap.

Straightforward, korte, snelle beslissingslijnen.

De afleveringen van Dallas tv soapserie met hoofdrolspeler J.R., gebaseerd op hun olie saga weleens gezien ?

Gelukkig had ik een breed scala aan verantwoordelijkheden met veel autonomie.

Geology & Geophysics offshore taken. Met business-commercial development, merger, acquisitions, new ventures. Zoals in Hongarije, California, Moskou en Siberië tijdens Gorbachov time. Never a quiet or dull moment.

” Upgrade to an allround expert, Herbert informed me “, gevolgd door drie jaar studie, executive business administration, petroleum management en Russisch, bovenop mijn normale werkweek. Dus weer 2 M.Sc. bullen gehaald, nu op mijn 51ste, continual development of knowledge, competencies and skills.

Exciting time with many tales along the road. With the Hunt’s to Moscou and Siberië. Hunting for business in times of communism. 

Anecdotes, beginning in Dallas in their impressive oak boardroom with mahogany oval table and leather chairs in their Thanksgiving Tower skyscraper. And during lunches in elite Dallas Petroleum Club.

Then when Herbert whispered, with a malicious eyewink, “ Indeed, you made sure we get the big bang for our invested bucks “. While toasting Russian style with bottles of wodka at breakfast. Sealing the deal with the board of Tomsk Neft, in Strezhevoy, in the middle of Dostoyevsky’s Siberia.

Hunt Dynasty
Hunt Dynasty: Herbert, Bunker, Lamar and sisters, owners of Placid Oil.
Consultant sinds 2005

Simultaan pensioen en consultancy binnengestapt na 3 decennia iedere dag hard bikkelen. Niet voorgoed de ballen ermee, geen geraniums of zwarte gaten bestuderen, nog niet.

Most happy and free like a bird on a wire.

Great time, alleen uitdagende, succesvol uitvoerbare projecten met een degelijk consultancy contract.

Zoals voor Repsol vanuit head office Madrid, als upstream business development manager, olievelden evalueren en kopen.

Stewardship voor het 2 miljard US$ bod op een West Afrikaans olieveld. En deelname aan een licensing round en NLG project in Nigeria.

Madrid and Spain ?

Excelente sitio, cultuur, gastronomie, mode en uitgaansleven everyday, a big city with a most exiting vibe and appealing life-style.

Tasca’s, restaurants, flamenco, corrida’s de toros, art exhibitions, Real Madrid in Bernabeu met Robben, van Nistelrooy and regularly getting kicked out at closing time in Cafe Bohemio at 04:00 a.m..

Great time.

Certainly with the company’s grand penthouse in the financial district and accompanying executive business credit card, wow, good to have one.

De Madrid para el Cielo.

Suriname, Staatsolie 

Heel offshore onderzocht, gepromoot, petroleum contracten opgesteld en onderhandeld met international oil companies. Dit jaar de 1ste grote offshore discovery met de Maka Central 1 put in blok 58. Wow, de oil boom is begonnen in Suriname.

Bijdrage mogen leveren aan het bepalen van de Extended Continental Shelf grens. Maximum extension possible obtained, from the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, in N.Y..

Staatsrechtelijk uiterst belangrijk historisch moment. Nu zijn al de landsgrenzen immers definitief vastgesteld. Privileged that I could serve Sranankondre, geboorteland van mijn ouders.


Paramaribo, further ?

Vruchtbare tijd op het werk en als mentor, afstudeercommissie lid van mijn thesis studenten op de universiteit, zelf ook veel geleerd. 

Daarnaast chillen, all the time.

Met de talloze vrienden en familieleden van mijn ouders’ kant. Etentje hier, uitstapje daar, feestje hier, toevallig daar.

Super great to have loving, supportive family around. Also Maria painting at Nola Hatterman Art Academy, preparing her exposition Tribute to Suriname and all chilling in Torarica country club.

Ook iedere maand een weekend naar geboorte-eiland Curacao.

Salseros por fin ?

Oiga mi gente, ahora somos salseros. Porque sin salsa no hay paraíso, si señor.

Twee jaar intensieve wekelijkse lessen gevolgd, de salsa & bachata cursussen bij 4 dance academies.  Workshops, oefenen, up to 8 hours weekly.


Damned hard and tedious work for old-timers, in Friolandia, Curaçao en Colombia, meestal met jongeren. 

Now graduated salseros. With lots of shines, smiles and moves at dance parties everywhere. To keep on moving with the thrill of fun.

A bailar se dijo, a mover los pies y las caderas, wow, a gozar mi preciosa mamita.

Listen and enjoy  https://youtu.be/k2wey5o2yBc

Salsa dancing
Salsa and bachata dancing. Photoshoot for GGD, for 1000 Posters for huisartsenposten and ziekenhuizen. Our own contribution to their program called ” Ouderen in Beweging “.



Tribute aan mijn studiegenoten.

Van de allereerste petroleum geoloog, in history, van dushi Curacao. 

You were great study buddies, enjoyed your company, very grateful for that.

Especially Wilbert, André, Jan Willem, trouwe brothers-in crime.

Last but not least, Ray en Willem, both already in Heaven.

Mont Genèvre
Mont Genèvre, France. On the photo, left to right, Arie Schaap, Andre van der Meulen, Marcel Chin-A-Lien, Ray Bergval (R.I.P.). Wilbert Hocks not on the pic as he took it. Taking selfies was not yet invented. drs. Henk Koning not on this pic, still climbing to reach the top.

In winter when things get rough in Fríolandia ?

Liggend onder een wuivende palmboom, in mijn favoriete Pirate Bay Curacao Beach Club, met een Cuba libre longdrink in mijn hand, swingende salsa en sensuele bachata muziek met graciously moving ladies all around.

Zwemmend in de azuurblauwe heldere zee en denkend aan Holland ?


“ …zie ik breede rivieren, traag door oneindig, laagland gaan, rijen ondenkbaar ijle populieren, als hooge pluimen, aan den einder staan, en in de geweldige ruimte verzonken, de boerderijen, verspreid door het land…”

” Flashback 50 Years Search of  Wisdom & Happiness ” 

Life’s been good to me and to us.

Love lots of people. Lots of people love us.

Love is all you need.

We luv you All,

dearest family, mom at 104 years super luminous as ever, cooking daily for us and kicking around, dad & Armand R.I.P., many friends, family all around the world.

Thank’s God.


( What am I living for, Vicky-Anne)

Retrospective when the End comes near

“ And now that the End comes near 

I’ve lived a life that’s full

I’ve traveled each and every highway

But more, much more than this

I did it my way

Regrets, I’ve had a few

But then again, too few to mention

I did it my way “.

I rest my case.
Social Media

EyeEm photo app. Precious 1000+ pictures

Instagram: own precious photos at #mcal2021

Facebook: www.facebook.com/marcelo.paul.56

FB site ” You Know You”ve Lived in Curacao if..”. Most funny conversations and nostalgic musings with pics, with people that have lived on my Rots der Struikeling, Curaçao.

FB site “Maupertuus “.  Mijn oude studentenhuis, Hogewoerd 76, Leiden. Celebration Lustrum XI ” Oudhuisgenotendag “, on 15 September 2019. Next one 2124.

YouTube channel. www.mar-petroleumexploration.com

WhatsApp group ” MIL 1968 Reunie “. Klasgenoten HBS-B, Maria Immaculata Lyceum, Korsow. Last meeting jan. 2020 on Korsow. Next meeting, after Corona.

Further miscellaneous, pendejadas, on

LinkedIn, Twitter and



7 September 2019, 11 a.m.:

50 Jaren later. 

15 Batavieren bovenop een oer-Hollandse terp.

In Schokland, de geometrisch-abstracte-Mondriaanse Noordoostpolder.

Mijmeren, filosoferen over verleden, heden en toekomst ?

” Yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow is out of sight “, as ever.

Enjoy Today, que esta Vida es Una (1) no mas.

Levensverwachting volgens CBS, voor onze generatie ? 76 Jaartjes, dus niet echt veel over, before getting fossilized…enjoy !


(Yesterday when I was young, Charles Aznavour,


Lijst 22 jaargenoten 1969 en afstudeerrichting
Participanten (15) Reunie 7 september 2019, in Schokland, Noordoostpolder en Urk.
  1. Apon, Willem – Drs. Sedimentologie
  2. Berg, Rick (Perth, Australië) – Drs. Petrologie & Ertsgeologie VU
  3. Bergval, Ray (R.I.P., 2016, Paramaribo, Suriname) – Drs. Petrologie & Ertskunde VU
  4. Chin-A-Lien, Marcel – Drs. Petrologie & Ertskunde VU- Ingeniero Geologo -Executive M.B.A – M.Sc. Petroleum Management
  5. de Jong, Ivan (R.I.P., 2018, Rotterdam) – Drs. Strukturele Geologie
  6. de Nes, Sicco (R.I.P, 2009, Den Haag)- Drs. Sedimentologie
  7. Hallebeek, Hans – Drs. Geologie (Leiden & Barcelona)
  8. Hocks, Wilbert – Petrologie
  9. Krieg, Josje – Migrated to other study
  10. Pronk, Jan Willem – Drs. Sedimentologie
  11. Reijmer, Arthur – Dr. Strukturele Geologie
  12. Schaap, Arie (Perth, Australië)– Drs. Petrologie & Ertskunde VU
  13. Swager, Cees (Perth, Australië) – Dr. Structurele Geologie
  14. van der Marel, Antonie (Bulgarije) – Drs. Stratigrafie
  15. van der Meulen, André – Drs. Petrologie & Ertskunde VU
  16. van der Molen, Ide – Dr. Strukturele Geologie
  17. van Put, Edward – Drs. Petrologie & Ertskunde VU
  18. van Put, Jos -Drs. Petrologie & Ertskunde VU; Mr. Rechten
  19. van Roermund, Herman – Dr. Strukturele Geologie
  20. van Tongeren, Peter – Drs. Stratigrafie
  21. Vlugt, Willem  (Nimes, Frankrijk) – Drs. Sedimentologie
  22. Vreeburg, Willem (R.I.P., 2017, Leiden) – Drs. Sedimentologie

39. Guyana – Orinduik Petroleum Agreement – Canje & Kaieteur Blocks PSC

39. Guyana – Orinduik Petroleum Agreement – Canje and Kaieteur Block PSC

Guyana - Orinduik & Other discoveries
Guyana – Orinduik & Other discoveries

Inserted April 2019:


Guyana – Orinduik, prospects
Guyana - discovery 13
Guyana Offshore – Discovery nr. 13 – Total reserves now 5.5 billion recoverable
Guyana - Discoveries - Net Sand
Guyana – Discoveries – Net Sand
How much money could (would) Guyana get from its Orinduik Profit Share ?  Based on 2.9 billion BOE (Gross P50) reserves.

From “Rags to Riches”, “a nation that did not expect to win the lotto”, “soon to be the richest corner of South America”.

  1. Petroleum Agreement signed 14th Jan. 2016
  2. One year after Liza giant discovery, May 2015
  3. And 5 months before 27th June, 2016:
  4. When ExxonMobil’s original contract (June 14, 1999) was re-negotiated (though, just few items, such as 2% Royalty instead of 0 %)
  5. Royalty is only 1 %, and, in addition…is included in the profit share of the Government (Article 15.6):
  6. wowww…how beautifully negotiated and also obtained…by the IOC…Two-in-one, for one price. What a bargain.
  7. Monthly Profit Oil Share, with increasing production from 50% – up to 60 % (Article 11.4)
  8. 2.9 billion BOE (Gross P50) reserves
  9. This Contract is ” similar ” in many aspects to the ExxonMobil contract.
  10. The royalty is even lower (1% vs. 2%).
  11. Company Total exercises option to acquire 25% Working Interest in the Orinduik Block, offshore Guyana, from Eco Atlantic (Guyana) Inc. (13 September 2018).
  12. WI’s in the Orinduik License will now be as follows: 
  13. Tullow 60% (Operator); Total 25%; Eco Guyana 15%
  14. Question ?
  15. Did Guyana seize this opportunity to negotiate a better, upgraded, ” proven basin ” profit share formula ?
  16. (inserted: Guyana accepted Total’s farm-in end october 2018. Did they upgrade their profit share to proven basin level ???).
  17. Covering at least the intended Total 25% WI farm-in portion.
  18. That still has to be officially accepted and approved by Guyana ?
  19. FYI, my opinion:
  20. Orinduik PA presents similar crucial pitfalls, loopholes and omissions as the ExxonMobil PA.
  21. Analyzed and indicated in various of my blogs and on Linkedin
  22. How much money could (would) Guyana get from its Orinduik Profit Share ?
  23. Based on published Gross P50 reserve numbers
  24. Make your own fiscal – economic runs
  25. If adapted, upgraded to ” Proven Basin PA Clauses “.
  26. Thus, increased profit share formula and royalty (e.g. 6 %)?
  27. How many billions US$ extra in entitlement and profit share ?
  28. With 2.9 billion BOE:
  29. 1% Royalty = X bbls/US$
  30. 6% Royalty = 6X bbls/US$
  31. How many billion US$ does this represent ?
  32. XX or YYY billion US$
  33. Just calculate yourself.
  34. How many (2 digits? 3 digits??) billions US$ you have won / lost….with this deal…
  35. Faîtes vos jeux
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  37. These are solely my own personal musings
  38. To Whom may be interested
  39. To Whom it might be of fair and constructive use
  40. As an independent petroleum advisor.
  41. Also see 9 Guyana contracts on https://www.resourcecontracts.org/search?q=&country%5B%5D=GYr
Orinduik License Possible Reserves
Orinduik License Possible Reserves
Orinduik License Possible Reserves
Orinduik Petroleum Agreement
Profit Share
Profit Share

Day before the 2015 General and Regional Elections, former President, Donald Ramotar acted in a manner that was contrary to this international best practice.

Ramotar signed away the Canje and Kaieteur Blocks, which total over 4.8 million acres, to four companies which have no track record of exploring for oil prior to 2015.       


The two companies, which President Ramotar signed away the Canje Block to are Mid-Atlantic Oil and Gas and JHI Associates Inc. The block was awarded to the companies on March 4, 2015. This was roughly two months before the May 11, 2015 elections were held.

“The point remains that the companies, JHI and Mid-Atlantic, do not have a track record for exploration anywhere in the world since its incorporation,” the officials added.


President Ramotar awarded the Kaieteur Block to Ratio Energy Limited and Ratio Guyana on April 28, 2015. Both companies are registered at the same offices in Prashad Nagar and Gibraltar, Israel.

Ratio Guyana does not have a website but on the Kaieteur Block’s Production Sharing Agreement (PSA), a Ryan Pereira is signed on as the Company Secretary, Director and General Partner of the company. This company’s only asset remains the Kaieteur Block. Not a single trace of evidence can be found to prove that it has years of experience in the exploration of oil and gas. (SEE LINK FOR PSA : https://resourcecontracts.org/contract/ocds-591adf-2701587320/view#/pdf)