4. Suriname Araku 500 MMb trap – Tullow Oil: Guyana, Jamaica, Uruguay

Suriname - Araku prospect - MCAL

4. Suriname Araku 500 MMb trap – Tullow Oil: Guyana, Jamaica, Uruguay – V.230817

Suriname - Araku prospect - MCAL
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Suriname – Araku prospect – MCAL


1. Notes of Marcel Chin-A-Lien on Offshore Suriname Potential

1.1 ” Birth Announcement ” of a Massive Oil Region: on behalf of ” Guyana Basin “.

1.2 ” To Whom it May Concern ”

2. Atlantic Crossover: Tullow Keeps Focus Offshore South America

3. Tullow Shares Dip, post-mortem Araku, 6 nov. 2017.

Liza Giant Field & Amaila Prospect
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Liza Giant Field & Amaila Prospect

1) Notes of Marcel Chin-A-Lien on Offshore Suriname Potential

When I served Staatsolie as an exploration consultant in Paramaribo, for offshore Suriname I had the privilege to study and promote this promising prospective area to Tullow Oil. The PSC was diligently negotiated and signed.

Araku area and prospect was also one of my own favourites. My educated guess is that Araku could have been the first giant oil discovery offshore Suriname (P.D. Resulted to be a bone dry hole).

In december 2009 I presented ” New Outlook for the Suriname NW Offshore ” in a congress in Trinidad (Energy Caribbean 2009 Conference, Trinidad, 7-8 December 2009).

With the whole gamut of leads, prospects, play types, basins, in tandem with the newly designed license areas.
This as a sound, comprehensive, integrated scientific subsurface and business development playground basis. To promote the high prospectivity of offshore Suriname. As part of the strategy and continuous effort of Staatsolie since decades ago.

I had the great honour to serve Staatsolie for an extended period. Herewith also obtaining the opportunity to contribute to Suriname. Sranankondre in Sranan Tongo.

Where (part of) the roots and history of my grandparents, parents, family and also mine are located (see: https://mar-petroleumexplorationconsultant.com/5-tower-babel-vs-privilige-multi-lingual-multi-cultural-global-citizen/).

The presentation was based on my own grounded re-interpretation, re-evaluation and integration of all previous subsurface reports and information of the multinationals. Resulting in a whole both new and positive outlook on the petroleum potential of NW offshore. My own point of view.
Novel and repetitive high impact leads, traps, prospects, play types, mini- and Jurassic basins were unveiled, mapped and highlighted.
The presentation and its content, fortunately was rated by the attendees as excellent (to brilliant).

Guiana-Suriname Basin - Play Concept & Petroleum Habitat
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Guiana-Suriname Basin – Play Concept & Petroleum Habitat – 2009 – Own acryl painting of Berbice Canyon with shelf and deepwater fan plays – Such as 6 years later uncovered by ExxonMobil 9 giant discoveries of post 2015 – Paintings, of my wife, presented during art exhibition, april 2010, Paramaribo, Suriname at Embassy/Consulate of Venezuela.

Soon following many IOC’s, such as Tullow showed tangible interest in urgently obtaining certain areas presented. Especially after I showed, discussed and promoted the high potential of the prospects on my workstation with their exploration manager. F2F, B2B. These areas were negotiated and diligently covered with PSC’s. Blocks 47 (Confined Fan System) and 54 (Araku prospect)

In-house Staatsolie and previous to the negotiations we had already analysed, determined and fenced the level playing landscape with the boundaries for the PSC clauses and work program we wished to obtain. This within others based on the size of the prospects and an accompanying valuation and cash flow modelling of the expected petroleum volumes of the prospects and license area.

The present day licensed area covers also part of the north-eastern area. The Demerara High (some 40,000 km2), since long forgotten and mainly neglected because of 4 dry holes. Such as well Demerara A2-1 drilled 39 years ago, in 1978.

Following my interpretation of the petroleum potential of the Demerara High (that incorporates a Jurassic basin and probably also Carboniferous sediments, inverted in Albian time) with the old 2D available, I created awareness, promoted and presented it in Staatsolie to the BOED. To obtain a budget for a modern 2dD survey. Following I designed the specifics for the acquisition area and program and for the processing sequence. This was later acquired and executed.

It is now an authentic joy to see that almost the whole area, promoted since 9 years ago in Trinidad, is now under license covered by 12 IOC’s and covering more than half of the offshore area of 180,000 square km.

Covered by some 65,000 km of 2D and 17,000 square km of 3D (as of July 2013).

This thanks to the diligent, intelligent, continual updating, upgrading and pro-active promotion of offshore, by the very competitive group of professionals and specialists in Staatsolie.

A real big achievement. Congrats. Fersteri !

Based on the unique petroleum system(s) in this basin, one can only be convinced that the Guyana Basin is an awakening oil giant.

Clearly evidenced, first in 1965 by the onshore giant Tambaredjo Oil field. Fifty years later followed by the recent giant elephant discoveries of ExxonMobil in nearby Guyana.

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Birth Tambaredjo Giant Field – Discovery “water” well 1965 – Taken from Th.E.Wong et al. p. 383, 1998 – MCAL

1.1)” Birth Announcement ” of a Massive Oil Region:on behalf of ” Guyana Basin “.

In 1965 Guyana Basin proudly announced the birth of its first giant field (unnoticed by the majority of explorers) in onshore Suriname:

Name: Tambaredjo.

Weight: Billion barrel oil field

Father: Geological and Mining Service, GMD (ir. Hugo Coleridge, discoverer). Paleocene, Saramacca Fm. sands at a depth of 150 – 425 metres. Also in Miocene, Coesewijne Fm. sands.

Mother: Canje Formation, U-Cretaceous, Cenomanian source rock (extended Tethys Ocean, Continental Margin family of La Luna, Querecual and Naparima Hill formations).

Place: Tambaredjo, Calcutta, Saramacca district, Suriname.

Time: 13 October, 1965.


A. Tambaredjo oil is not lazy or obtuse at all.

The newly born and expelled petroleum at a young age already managed to travel (migrate) all alone. Using only its genetic buoyancy instinct. As navigator in the dark, unknown subsurface.

Covering a super long distance (ca. 200 km – ” Olympic Gold Medal, Neogene-Long-Distance-Walking “) while pro-actively searching for a suitable home (reservoir). That could provide a safe, leakproof roof (Paleocene shale) and spacious, interconnected pores as confortable habitat. Finally well-received in the fluvial-deltaic Palaeocene T-sands and Miocene Coesewijne, in the most up-dip part of the basin.

Suriname - Source: SOM & Austinbridgeporth FIG. 9 - MCAL
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Suriname – ” Tambaredjo giant field: Welcome, this is where I live, this is my structural habitat ” – Source & credit: SOM & Austinbridgeporth FIG. 9 – MCAL – http://www.geoexpro.com/articles/2016/10/suriname-new-technology-unlocks-hydrocarbon-potential

Onshore, Tambaredjo?

The ultimate spot, where nowadays one would dare to wildcat with a first oil well. As a most sophisticated and learned digital explorationist. With all the present day information available on the workstation.

In the prolific Guyana Basin.

A most adventurous migration history, still unlocked and untold by Mr. Tambaredjo.

When and who did you visit since you left the kitchen of mother Canje Fm.? Where did you temporarily camp on route? Which stratigraphic fairways and tectonic shortcuts did you take? Who in addition facilitated your long voyage. How much weight did you gain (lose), decending from 45 to 16 degrees API and 500-cp, low vanadium and sulphur oil ?  Did you earlier split up with your family, if yes, where are they now located. What was the time schedule  of your voyage? When did you depart and arrive? Do you represent only one generation or multiple generations? As a migrant, from – 5000 m. to -180 m.?

Before obtaining definite shelter. Voyaging from mother’s Canje Formation kitchen deep offshore towards Palaeocene T-sands.

Migration history easily unveiled ??

Following 18 will all give you a geologically democratic, interesting and most valid answer. The convincing answer. Part of…

Accompanied by splendid migration maps and traffic arrows, indicating the petroleum where to walk. Like a Tom Tom Navigator. Authentic geo-art using all the colours of the rainbow, to make migration and accumulation more pleasant.

BasinMod1D, BasinMod 2D, BasinMod3D, MigriX, IFE-MIG3D-BAS, ZetaWare Trinity, PetroMod, Temis2D, Temis3D, TemisFlow, CougarFlow, OilTracers, Charge Risk, Gussow fill-spill, In-Reservoir Alteration, Biodegradation, Biomarkers.

Of course.

Do not forget to analyse why the provided pre-drill “truth” unfortunately proved to be “false”, post-drill and post-mortem.

After drilling the bone and astonishing bone dry, some 200 million US$ hole(s). Without a single ppm of petroleum. The mud loggers and mud logging unit had a most boring time. Such as in…..guess which one(s).

Post-Mortem ?

Where myself I was happy to learn the best lessons in my career. This as I have been in charge of having to write and present them for more than a decade. A close look in the mirror. This time without make-up, without tricks and treats.

” High impact discovery well to-be ” ?

B. Discovered by accident while prospecting for water (….very sorry about that big mistake….).

C. Carrying out a water-drilling project to supply water to a nearby school and village (….our sincere excuses…but…unfortunately we found a giant oilfield….instead of the clean and abundant water we promised you all for your little school in Tambaredjo village).

D. I am in production since 1982. About 115 MMbo produced from 3 oil fields, 87 MMbo remaining reserves, 17,000 bopd production currently.

E. I do have an intrinsic preference for structural basement highs and additional structural elements. The Calcutta Uplift and the E-W Tambaredjo, NE-SW Broederschap, NE-SW Weg near Zee major fault systems. Basement-rooted (and Cretaceous-post-Albian inversion originated) faults that terminate in the Eocene and Miocene.

F. In the offshore area: Find out by yourself. I do not reveal all my secrets so easily.

Exploration tip and discovery moral ??

So now and then, dare to drill pro-actively for water, if you wish to find oil (elephants).

As a matter of fact one most often pro-actively explores for oil, and finds only water (euphemistically called “technical discovery wells”, the proof for existence of reservoir rocks).

Birth of its second and third giant fields was announced by the arrival of Guyanese twin-sisters Liza and Payara. In 2015 and 2017.

The continuing story will most certainly involve many, many more giant discoveries in the near future.

Brothers, sisters, cousins and nephews of Mr. Tambaredjo, Mrs. Liza and Mrs. Payara.

Such as also in switi Sranankondre.

Guyana Basin, Awakened in 1965.

Since 2015, 50 years later, accelerating and entering a new, prosperous and exiting booming petroleum cycle.

1.2) ” To Whom it May Concern”


Srananman, ala mala pasensi, nog ff, next december ?

Bigi pokoe en kaseko op Vrijheidsplein, wowww !

Waarde neef Errol, fa waka?

Begin s.v.p. alvast een mooi olie ontdekkingsliedje te componeren. In Sranantongo. Kaseko style. En reserveer ook een datum voor de primeur tijdens het optreden met je gezellige band. Let me know. Thx in advance.

South South West !

Deel van mijn recente antwoord – email aan mijn zeer lieve oude tante in Switi Sranan: over olie:

” Lieve tante,

Om uw vraag te beantwoorden.

Het grote oliefonds waar u het over heeft in uw email. Dat ik u indertijd in 2009 had voorspeld, de olie ?
Terwijl het gras groeit sterft het paard, schrijft u zo vrolijk ?

Die olie komt zoals eerder beloofd nu wel heel spoedig.
Misschien wel samen met Sint en Piet, dit jaar nog dus, hopelijk:
Maar alles eerst keurig op een rijtje.
Eerst de grote olie Vondst.
Daarna het grote olie Fonds (….oliefonds, waar u het over heeft).
All-In, All-2-You, dus met al het goede en ook de verhoogde AOW, die erbij hoort.
Voor ala Sranansma na switi Sranankondre.

Ik ben slechts een hele simpele exploratie petroleum geoloog.
Die voortdurend snuffelt naar olie, al 40 jaar lang, op 4 continenten.
Dus wat ik zeg, schrijf en beweer is niet zomaar uit de lucht gegrepen.
Niet gegrepen uit de hedendaagse iCloud.
Maar gelukkig gebaseerd op grondige bestudering en op feiten.

Die reuze olie vondst in Sranankondre is zeer zeker op komst.
Nog ff pasensi tante.

Ik hoop dat in december ala Sranansma bigi pokoe en kaseko kunnen gaan dansen*.

Ala sma. Zelfs die met bigifutu.
De bigisma, de bigiman’s, de bigitaki’s, de bigifisi’s, de bigifasi’s, de bigimemre’s, de bigidoin’s, de bigidagu’s, de bigi-ai’s, vooral de bigi taki’s.

Gezamenlijk en gebroederlijk met de bigi-popokaisneki, bigitodo, bigi-watradagu, op bigibigi dei.

Op het Vrijheids plein. Voormalig Gouverneurs plein.
Op de pier van Torarica. En tevens op Bigiwowoyo.
Bigiyari, srefsrefi.

Lieve tante,
Zet uw kotomisi maar alvast klaar.
Voor de bigi konfriyari, fesadei en opo opo fesa.
Om de olie ontdekking te vieren. Suriname, Sranankondre.


Bun furu. A no spotu….Moro mofo.

Made in Sranankondre, by Canje Formation.

Overigens, Guyana ? Poti sma ??

Zoals men aldaar pleegde te zeggen over de naaste buren ??
Fos’fosi, fosten. Voor 2015.

Tachtig (80) miljard US$ gross is Guyana’s recente reuze olie vondst waard.
Tachtig maal het jaar budget waar de Surinaamse regering en haar ministeries over beschikken voor switi Sranan, per jaar.

Guyana? Poti sma ??

Nnn..Nooit meer zeggen.
Fos’fosi, fosten. Voor 2015.

Binnenkort, nog ff pasensi tangitangi.

Poti sma nanga poti Kondre??
Fos’fosi, fosten.
Voor 2018.

Tan bun ala famiri, God Bless You All.”
Brief van MCAL aan zijn lieve, oude tante na switi Sranan Kondre.

1.Reference: www.epmag.com. February 8, 2017 – Velda Addison, Senior Editor, Digital News Group Hart Energy &

2. Re: www.tullowoil.com – August 2017

2) Atlantic Crossover: Tullow Keeps Focus Offshore South America

Tullow - oct. 2018
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Tullow – oct. 2018

Velda Addison Senior Editor, Digital News Group Hart Energy Wednesday, February 8, 2017 – 2:00pm

Africa-focused Tullow Oil is stepping up its plans offshore South America after divesting interests in its Norwegian assets and exiting other areas.

Suriname - Araku prospect - MCAL
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Suriname – Araku prospect – MCAL

The London-based E&P, which operates the TEN fields and its flagship Jubilee Field offshore Ghana, said it plans to drill the Araku prospect offshore Suriname, the smallest country in South America, in second-half 2017.

“This prospect is a large structural trap which has a resource potential estimated at over 500 MMbo [million barrels of oil],” the company said Feb. 8 in its 2016 full-year results. “It has been significantly de-risked by a 3-D seismic survey carried out in 2015, which identified geophysical characteristics that are consistent with potential oil or gas effects in the target reservoirs.”

Tullow is among the oil and gas companies that have kept some new frontiers in their exploration schemes, despite unfavorable market conditions that caused many to slow exploration spending. In 2016, Tullow halted frontier exploration efforts in Ethiopia, French Guiana, Greenland, Guinea, Madagascar and Norway.

“As we focus our free cash flow primarily on reducing our debt, capital discipline remains critical,” said CEO Aidan Heavey, who will take over as chairman when Paul McDade becomes CEO. “We have made excellent progress with our East African developments and are building a high-quality exploration portfolio to grow our business.”

With more than 25 exploration wells drilled offshore, Suriname has been described by state oil company Staatsolie as “virtually underexplored.” Commercial production has only come from onshore fields, which together produce about 17,000 barrels per day (bbl/d) of oil.

Tullow has interests in two licenses offshore Suriname covering a total of 10,849 sq km (4,189 sq miles). These include Block 54, where the Araku prospect is located, and the nearby Block 47. A drop core survey spanning the blocks was completed last year.

The company has said its Jubilee play could expand from West Africa across the Atlantic Ocean to Block 47. That was the case for Tullow offshore French Guiana, where the Zaedyus exploration well hit oil in two turbidite fans five years ago. At the time, Tullow said the objective of the well was to test whether the Jubilee play was mirrored on the other side of the Atlantic.

Although the oil discovery offshore French Guiana opened a new hydrocarbon basin and helped lower exploration risks in nearby Suriname and Guyana, Tullow eventually shifted focus to Suriname after an unsuccessful drilling campaign in 2013. Other Suriname players include Apache Corp. (NYSE: APC), Cepsa, Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX), DEA, Kosmos Energy, Noble Energy Inc. (NYSE: NBL), Petronas, Statoil ASA (NYSE: STO) and Staatsolie, which has invited others to farm in to blocks B and C—both located closer to the shoreline in water depths of up to 30 m offshore Suriname.

Citing a 2012 U.S. Geological Survey report, Staatsolie said the Guyana-Suriname Basin has an estimated resource potential of 13.6 Bbbl, placing it among the world’s largest basins in terms of prospectivity.

Tullow Oil - Guyana prospect - Updip Liza - MCAL
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Tullow Oil – Guyana prospect – Updip Liza – MCAL

Many are already closely watching activity west of Suriname–offshore Guyana–where ExxonMobil’s exploration work in the Stabroek Block has pointed to recoverable resources of more than 1 Bboe.

Tullow, which has interest in two licenses offshore Ghana, said it plans to acquire 3-D seismic data over the offshore Orinduik license, which is updip of ExxonMobil’s Liza oil discovery.

Elsewhere offshore South America, Tullow said it began a 2,500-sq km (956-sq mile) 3-D seismic program offshore Uruguay. The company aims to “capture data over high-quality leads identified in Block 15 in the Pelotas Basin.”

In addition, Tullow said it plans to acquire another 680 km (423 miles) of 2-D seismic data offshore Jamaica. This follows the completion of a drop core and seep study in the Walton Morant blocks, which identified a live oil seep, the company said.

Tullow - Caribbean & South America - MCAL
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Tullow – Caribbean & South America – MCAL

While the company works to build its exploration portfolio, it is still coping with the downturn’s aftermath.

Tullow reported an operating loss of $754.7 million for 2016, down 31% from 2015’s loss of $1.09 billion. The company’s exploration write-offs totaled $723 million in 2016.

Lower oil prices hit revenue, which dropped 21% to about $1.3 billion, despite bringing the TEN fields into production. Working interest production was down 9% for the year, averaging 67,100 boe/d.

“The impact of first oil from the TEN fields was offset by reduced production from the Jubilee Field as a result of the Turret Remediation Project, declines in U.K. and Netherlands gas production, as well as reductions across the nonoperated West Africa portfolio,” Tullow said.

The company reported capital investment of about $900 billion in 2016, mostly for development activities in Africa.

“2016 is likely to mark the low tide point for Tullow, with production set to increase in 2017 into a rising oil price environment,” Mirabaud Securities analysts said in a Reuters article.

The analysts added that Tullow should be able to reduce its debt pile, which increased to $4.78 billion by year-end 2016 up from $4.02 billion, primarily due to TEN expenses.

Moving forward, Tullow said it intends to control capex, dropping spend to $500 million in 2017 from $900 million last year. Exploration and appraisal spending will be limited to about $125 million.

From:  www.epmag.com. February 8, 2017 – Velda Addison, Senior Editor, Digital News Group Hart Energy

2) Tullow Shares Dip, post-mortem Araku, 6 nov. 2017. 


3) Under Construction


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