34. Suriname: Exploration Potential 2010 unmasked in 2021. In retrospective.

Suriname Potential 2010
Suriname Potential 2010
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Suriname Potential 2010 – Staatsolie 9 dec. 2009 – Energy Seminar – Unmasking the Potential of Exploration by M. Daal-Vogelland and A. Nelson

Above map is taken from, full credit to the official publication of “ Staatsolie Energy Seminar on 9 december 2009.

Towards sustainable energy supply in Suriname.

The presentation Unmasking the Potential of Exploration by M. Daal-Vogelland and A. Nelson “.

It formed part of Vision 2020 of Staatsolie.

Expected offshore reserves indicated were the best educated guess in 2009.

Based on knowledge of the offshore leads, plays and prospects.

As determined in Staatsolie in Department Petroleum Contracts, precursor of present Petroleum Institute.

I was priviliged to serve SOM and this Department in that time.

It is of added value to have a look in retrospective, of the petroleum path travelled from 2010 to 2021.

How the petroleum landscape evolved in Suriname and the Guiana-Suriname Basin.

Departure in the dark with illusions ?

A blank, white map, with zero (0) barrels reserves offshore

Presently trailing with a big smile under the sun and full tropical moonshine ?

A crowded, cramped map, with some 1.4 billion barrels reserves.

” The best way to predict the future is to create it “ (Abraham Lincoln).

Especially in what I denominated the “ Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane “.

These maps and figures speak for themselves.

Further, on Petroleum Geologists?

Oh boy, I know them very well.

These guys are all just romantic subsurface daydreamers.

Illusionists, like David Copperfield.

They live, spent and most happily fade away in their geological time.

While immersed in a big bubble of Cinderella fairytales.

Or soaked in Magic Realism, like the stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Of what could be unveiled and become in a possible future, if, if and if….

Inventing elusive subsurface futuristic stories…

Kind of charlatans, sometimes.


All of a sudden.

Lightning at sunshine.

Big billions of bucks come blowing out of the subsurface…

by magic and serendipity.

Enjoy, fersteri, tan bun.


Sure, for sure, watch out, beware,

he/she is always and everywhere silently lurking around the corner,


…Mr/Mrs/Family  Oil Curse).

Guiana-Suriname Basin - Play Concept & Petroleum Habitat
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Guiana-Suriname Basin – Play Concept & Petroleum Habitat – Guiana-Suriname Golden Lane – Painting and artistic vision in 2009 – Painted by my dear wife, on my request. At Nola Hatterman Art Academy, with Wilgo Vijfhoven and Rinaldo Klas, well-know sranan painters. Was part of her successful 30 pieces art exposition in march 2010. Titled “ A Tribute to mi Switi Sranankondre “. The country of my parents and grandparents, the latter came from Ghangzhou, transitioning out of the last Imperial Qing Dynasty. In the consulate of Venezuela in Paramaribo, Suriname. Previously I had it hanging in front of me, on the wall in my room. My own vision in 2009, painted on canvas, on how the subsurface future could unveil to be. At Staatsolie, Petroleum Contracts. We were very priviliged that Guyana solicited us to use this painting. It is the hard-cover of Guyana’s first book their oil history and recent Golden Lane discoveries.
Kwaskwasi-1 well, Bl.58, Apache
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Kwaskwasi-1 well, Bl.58, Apache – Map of 2020
Block 58 area Production Prognosis
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Block 58 & 52 Production Prognosis – Rystad, May 2021


ExxonMobil reserves 3/2020
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ExxonMobil reserves 3/2020


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