24. Suriname discoveries Block 58 (2020): How much will money could Suriname obtain ?

Kwaskwasi-1 well, Bl.58, Apache

24. Suriname, Discoveries Maka Central, Sapakara and Kwaskwasi (offshore Block 58, Apache/Total, 2020):

How much money could Suriname obtain from these discoveries ?

Some 60 billion US$ Gross Revenue. With 21  billion US$ Suriname Government Take.

This is my own calculation, to have a ball-park figure (amount in billion US$ involved ).

Kwaskwasi-1 well, Bl.58, Apache
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Maka Central#1 discovery, Bl.58, Apache, January 2020


  1. Petroleum Sharing Contract (Model PSC, https://www.staatsolie.com/media/tuvjyme3/model-psc.pdf;                  Average R-factor 1,25.
  2. 300 million barrels reserves Maka (Woodmack 2020)
  3. 300 million barrels reserves Sapakara
  4. 300 million barrels reserves Kwaskwasi
  5. 70 US$ / barrel, when entering production phase, somewhere 2027.
  6. Economics run


Some 60 billion US$ Gross Revenue.

From Maka Central, Sapakara and Kwaskwasi discoveries (2020).


Some 21  billion US$ Suriname Government Take.

A) Gross Revenue Maka Central discovery could be some 20 billion US$, with

Government (Suriname) total net income: some 7 billion US$


a. Royalty: 1,3 (billion US$)

b. Profit Oil: 2,7 (billion US$)

c. Taxes : 3 (billion US$)

Government Take represents some 65 %, if adding 20% participation in Production phase.

IRR between 20-30%

B) Gross Revenue and other financial figures for Sapakara and Kwaskwasi discoveries are the same as Maka.






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