20. Guiana-Suriname Basin: 11 LinkedIn Posts October 2019

Orinduik-Kanuku Prospect Map-Tullow-2019

Contents (11)- V.22.10.19

1  Orinduik (and Kanuku) prospect map -Updated; Source Tullow Oil 2019

2  Depositional Environment and Reservoir Prediction – GS Basin; Hess, 2018

3  Multiple Prospects and Play Types Offshore Guyana – Exploration; Hess.com, 2019

4  Corentyne Offshore PPL – Composite Dip Line and Depositional Model – Fig. 4-6; cgxenergy.com

5  Guyana-Suriname Basin discoveries vs. CO2; 2019

6  Suriname Offshore Play and Licenses Maps; Ref. opportunities.staatsolie.com, 2019

7  Guyana-Suriname Basin – Continental Margin and Deep Basins – 3D Cartoon of possible processes; Taken and adapted from Fig. 13 of M. Rebecca et al, 2014

8  Core Photos Liza-5, Payara-1; ExxonMobil; Hess Investor Presentation 2018

9  Ranger Appraisal – Stacked carbonate play opener; Hess, dec. 2018

10  Walker Exploration Prospect, Carbonate, Suriname; Hess, dec. 2018

11  Kitchen map Canje Formation source rock in Guyana-Suriname Basin – Fig. 4; Ref. Halliburton, 2019

12  Further ?

Orinduik Kanuku prospect map hashtagdiscoveries guianasurinamebasin goldenlaneguianasuriname Exxonmobil hess cnooc tullow anadarko eco total cgx


Giant fields are located on the lowermost “ Terrace “. So far 10/19.

Area of Upper Cretaceous rather flat-lying seafloor fans & associated sediments.
Located straight above the mature Canje source rocks kitchen. Where apparently the petroleum system works optimal.
Myself I call this the “ Guiana – Suriname Golden Lane “ playfairway.

Updip slope fans and fans/reservoirs in Tertiary involve a higher risk as far as migration, side and top seals is concerned.

Extending this cartoon, eastwards towards Sranankondre onshore 1 billion OOIP Tambaredjo field (1964).

A most simple Tambaredjo Exploration Quiz:

Oil from same Liza kitchen ?

Thus some 20 billion bbls needed to make a 1 billion bbls field at 150 km away:

Olympic Gold Medal Subsurface Longdistance Walking & Hurdling.


Why not take it easy, why walk so far, zig-zagging, hurdling, sneaking around, escaping etc. If you have plenty of complacent reservoirs nearby?

Somewhat similar to voluntarily and with wanderlust trailing the 777 km Camino de Santiago trail from Roncesvalles to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela on Plaza Obradoiro (https://mar-petroleumexplorationconsultant.com/9-dia-del-apostol-santiago-y-dia-de-la-patria-gallega-25-julio/)?

By the way, where are the other 18 billion bbls that initially accompanied me when expelled out of the kitchen, while traveling and venturing off the beaten paths towards Tambaredjo high ??
Sure, in-between, no doubt, totally agree.

Prize: A billion bbls field ?

Faîtes vous jeux. Rien ne va plus.

Source, picture, Tullow Oil, Internet.

Orinduik-Kanuku Prospect Map-Tullow-2019
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Orinduik-Kanuku Prospect Map-Tullow-2019
  • Carapa-1 to be drilled: Reference, LI, Javed Razack, 20/10/19:

Rowan/Valaris EXL II jackup rig. Will drill 1 well, Carapa-1, for Repsol, Kanuku Block.

Carapa prospect is a 200-million-barrel Cretaceous target located in 70m of water.

The Kanuku block is almost 2000 sq km and operated by Repsol with a 37.5% stake. The partners are Tullow (37.5%) and Total (25%). With Tullow having back to back discoveries in 2019, it is certain that as a partner, Tullow will share their learnings, increasing the well’s chance of success.

Repsol has already hinted at 2 more exploration wells in 2020.

  • Jethro 1-Lobe discovery, 2019.

Clean Lower Tertiary amalgamated sandstone, 55 m. net, excellent reservoir. Clear seismic definition. Potential to be a standalone commercial discovery. Evaluating requirements for an appraisal well.

Well cost some $ 45 m.
Ref. Eco Atlantic, Colin Kinley, COO, 24-10-19.

Jethro, recent analysis (13/11/19) has shown that heavy oil was encountered.

  • Joe-1 discovery, 2019.

Well cost $21 m.
Proven reservoir, 16 m. net, and oil charge in Upper Tertiary sands.

Joe, recent analysis (13/11/19) has shown that heavy oil was encountered.

  • Jethro-1 and Joe-1 are mobile heavy crudes. Similar to the commercial heavy crudes (North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Campos Basin, Venezuela and Angola) with high sulphur content.
  • Jethro-1 discovery has the advantage of 8,500 PSI reservoir (2,600 PSI Overpressure), which increases drive efficiency; high reservoir temperature of 94 degrees Celsius; and an estimated flowing well head temperature of 90 degrees.
    Both increases oil mobility and provides an advantage at the floating production facility. Ref. Energypedia, 13/11/19
  • https://www.energy-pedia.com/news/guyana/eco-(atlantic)-oil-gas-provides-update-on-initial-analysis-of-jethro-and-joe-wells-offshore-guyana-178087
  • Business, shares, value, Financial Times, 13/11/19:
  • Tullow shares tumble after warning on Guyana projects.
  • Encouragement for other Upper Tertiary prospects in Orinduik.

Such as Jimmy (2020?). Situated in same charged sands. 3D processing and interpretation ongoing to correlate with the 2 discoveries.

  • Eco Atlantic, 3/11/19, Exploration, discoveries, influence on share price;Twitter: Increases to discovered resource at Hammerhead and Jethro
    Hammerhead is a major discovery made by Exxon/Hess on the Stabroek Block, which extends onto the Orinduik Block. Eco believes ~10% of Hammerhead could lie on its block and Hammerhead could be 400-800mmboe gross. Eco’s last CPR (prior to the appraisal wells) only gave credit for 2mmboe net to Eco and we have increased this to 9mmboe based on 600mmboe gross, with 10% on the Orinduik block following the positive appraisal results reported by Hess/Exxon. This gives a risked value of 12p/sh or 19p/sh unrisked. On Jethro, we are upping the estimated recoverable resource estimate to 250mmboe from 215mmboe to reflect the results exceeding the partners’ pre-drill expectations. This gives a risked value of 46p/sh or 81p/sh unrisked. The pre-drill estimate for Jethro was 215mmboe in the CPR on a P50 basis or 340mmbbl on a P10 basis. In the P10 case, using an NPV of US$5/bbl, the discovery is worth >US$250mm net to Eco on an unrisked basis.
    New Tertiary exploration prospects, derisked by Jethro and Joe

2) Depositional Environment and Reservoir Prediction – GS Basin – Hess, 2018


Herewith related?

  • Apache, Block 58 & surroundings in Suriname, Q2.

Some 80-20 km east of Turbot, Pluma, Haimara discoveries.

Maka prospect, spudded 24-9-2019 with Noble Sam Croft drillship.
Possibly up to 3 wells.

  • Most fortunate?

Sitting right on top of a red, late mature, now condensate cooking and expelling Canje source rock late Neogene kitchen…

Just put a valid basin floor fan, slope fan, shelf carbonate, whatever on op top of it?

Full to spil? Spilling over ??
Maka Central 1; Sapakara West 1 ?

Haute Sranankondre Condensate Cuisine ?

” Michelin Subsurface 4-Stars “ ?

   Alias “ The Kitchen of Mrs. Liza – Maka  “?

Top of the world…?
About january 2020 we will know. Success or failure ?

Status at 21-12-2019?
A significant discovery.
Most probably not a giant discovery.

Not the full extension of the “ Liza Golden Lane “?

My best guess at this stage. Not found wat was hoped and expected ? Two intervals “ tested “ and cased of. Commercial amounts ? Some 200-300 million bbls? Decided to drill deeper for a Lower Cretaceous ? interval. Why? To find more reserves to make it commercial and make it fly ?


1. Hess, Investors Forum, dec. 2018

2. https://suriname-mirror.blogspot.com/2019/09/amerikaanse-oliemaatschappij-apache.html

Guyana-Depositional-Reservoir-Hess 2018
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Guyana-Depositional-Reservoir-Hess 2018
3) Multiple Prospects and Play Types Offshore Guyana – Exploration – Hess.com, 2019

GuianaSurinameBasin Hess hashtagExxonMobil CNOOC goldenlane Haimara1 Makaprospect Apache block58


Location #Haimara-1 discovery: encountered 63m of high quality reservoir (gas/condensate) and could potentially open up a new area.)


A) Apache_Block58_Makaprospect?_spudded_24 sept 2019_drillingahead vs.

Eagle1 2012 oil & gas shows P&A. vs.

Kankantrie 8/2019 Staatsolie dryhole water #8million 800millionbarrels hashtagnearshore nickerie Suriname;

Kankantrie was de grootste prospect met een mogelijkheid van 800 miljoen barrels, wel met een laag slagingspercentage van 10 procent.
Wij zaten op 2000 meter van de 2900 meter (TD), dan is iedereen enthousiast en dat enthousiasme is overgebracht.
Nu blijkt echter dat de boorput Kankantrie helemaal niets heeft opgeleverd. Ref. http://dwtonline.com/laatste-nieuws/2019/09/17/informatie-over-kankantrie-oliebron-geen-fake-nieuws/.

  • Is Suriname Block 58 upper half, the extension of the proven petroleum system, habitat and setting of the “ Guiana Golden Lane “ ??
    The sediments were to a lesser extent sourced through the Berbice canyon, probably. But by paleo-canyons along the Suriname continental shelf and margin (e.g. Corantijn Incised Valley, Saramacca -, Suriname river valley etc.).

A wildcat exploration by Apache is currently 10/19 underway in Suriname. Prior to this only 14 wells have been drilled in the Guyana-Suriname basin beyond water depths greater than 20 meters.


Hess Investor Information_16/10/2019_@$ 65.23 share_price and Etc. etc. etc. on Internet.

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4) Corentyne Offshore PPL – Composite Dip Line and Depositional Model – Fig. 4-6 – cgxenergy.com

Eagle1 well hashtagoilshows P&A

Just southwest of Haimara 1 discovery & just west of Block 58_#Apache_#Suriname: Eagle 1 well, 2012, oil & gas shows. P&A.

Probably no efficient top & side seals. The Turonian, primary prospect, is divided into two units, separated by a flooding surface that acts as an internal seal.

These sand rich amalgamated sea floor fans are sourced from the Corentyne incised valley, and lie directly on top of Cenomanian source beds. The target reservoir package pinches out both laterally and up dip via a stratigraphic or facies pinch out.

Turonian sands were penetrated by the North Coronie #1 well in offshore Suriname. Directly above the regional anoxic source rock, the Lower Cenomanian Canje formation.

Equivalent/contemporaneous of Villeta-La Luna-Querecual-Naparima Hill anoxic source rocks (10-15 m.y., Cenomanian-Coniacian). Deposited along the whole northern South American passive continent margin during Upper Cretaceous.

Ref. :

a) https://lnkd.in/ez4Ewyw, 15 April 2011 

Corentyne Offshore PPL-Composite Dip Line and Depositional Model - cgxenergy.com
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Corentyne Offshore PPL-Composite Dip Line and Depositional Model – cgxenergy.com
5) Guyana-Suriname Basin discoveries vs. CO2; 2019

GuianaSurinameBasingoldenlane hotspot sweetspot co2 parisagreement temperatureincrease climatechange sealevelchange

Some 5 billion bbls discovered.

Much more coming.

Rumoured in the global geo-grapevine.

Most ardently desired.

Simple questions ?

Does it line up withParisAgreement (1)?

How much#CO2 will these generate in the future (2)?

Sustainable included in the Green State Development Strategy?

Doesn’t matter, anyway, never thought of?

  • Facts:

Combined liquid fuels from an average barrel of crude oil produces a minimum of 327 kg #CO2 when consumed.

  • Thus: 5 billion X 317 kg = 1585 billion kg CO2.

Hmm, quite some… Convinced it was about close to nothing…

(= how much temperature increase + sealevel rise + etc. etc…

Sure, most interesting “ Sea-Level Rise Symposium, 4/10/2019).

Who cares anyway ? Shareholders? Stakeholders?
Any Guiana-Suriname Basin Greenpeace activist around or signaled on the horizon ? Not yet Mrs. Greta Thunberg to defend Mother Earth ?

  • CO2, Newsweek, By Ewan Palmer,

“ SHELL CEO says it’s entirely legitimate to invest in oil and gas after being named among 20 firms behind third of all carbon Emissions.

  • The company was ranked seventh out of the state and investor-owned firms who helped contribute to 480 billion tonnes (= 480 000 billion kilogram) of carbon dioxide equivalent in the modern era.

Van Beurden said. A bigger risk is prematurely turning your back on oil and gas.

Speaking to Reuters he was dismissing what he described as the “demonization” and “unjustified” concerns about the energy company’s future business model “.

Thus, entirely legitimate…

Turn your head with your iconic Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses on and the Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic.

Full throttle?
Autostrada del Sole near Alassio, in a lovely sunroof V6 C350.

Swiftly speed and dance away.


Enjoy life, la Vida es Una (1) no mas.

A gozar bailando salsa y bachata, se dijo…




1. https://lnkd.in/eSsi6uf

2. https://lnkd.in/ezvWhMP

3. Newsweek.com and imasdk.googleapis.com


ExxonMobil Discoveries_10/19
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ExxonMobil Discoveries @ 10/19; = 1585 billion kg CO2 @ 2019; Co2 generated through time by Shell’s produced and burned petroleum up to 2019: 480 000 billion kilogram. Thus 303 x amount that Guiana petroleum reserves 2019 will generate in CO2.
6) Suriname Offshore Play Map – Ref. opportunities.staatsolie.com, 2019

Suriname Offshore Play Map

Question? Weekend Quiz?

Which other essential exploration related items could possibly be missing on this beautiful map ?

Reference: Staatsolie, 2/1/2019 https://lnkd.in/ePxcT3T

Map 1.

Offshore Playmap_SOM_2019
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Offshore Playmap_SOM_2019

Map 2

Suriname Licensing Areas 10/2019_Staatsolie
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Suriname Licensing Areas 10/2019_Staatsolie


7) Guyana-Suriname Basin – Continental Margin and Deep Basins – Cartoon of possible processes; Taken and adapted from Fig. 13 of M. Rebecca et al, 2014

GuianaSurinameBasingeocartoon of possible dynamic processes. turbidites deepwater slopefans canyons contourite pelagite ExxonMobil hess cnooc tullow cgx total eco


Is this more or less how it really was in Guiana-Suriname Basin ?

Since Upper Cretaceous to Recent.

As unveiled in present day offshore basins on different continents.

Sure, for the sake of simplicity.

Not even taken into account the large amount of fine-grained sediments in G-S basin, first since 10 Ma, provenant from Amazon river.

Increasing drastically since 4.5 Ma. Amazon River and the continental-scale Amazon drainage basin were assembled during the late Miocene and Pliocene.

The Surinam coast is part of the extensive tropical mud coast between the Amazon River and the Orinoco River. Classified as a low to medium energy coast.

A substantially longshore supply of mud originates from the Amazon River. The fine grained sediment (pelite) is transported in suspension and also deposited in the deeper parts of Guiana-Suriname Basin.

A little bit different though?

From the nostalgic or fairy tale-like character multi-colored geo-cartoons.

As usually presented on Investor Forums…


Adapted & customised from fig. 13: https://lnkd.in/e4SQVaP!

Guiana-Suriname Basin-Cartoon_MCAL_Adapted_M.Rebesco et.al. 2014
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Guiana-Suriname Basin-Cartoon_MCAL_Adapted_M.Rebesco et.al. 2014
8) Core Photos Liza-5, Payara-1; ExxonMobil; Hess Investor Presentation 2018

corephotos Liza5 Payara1 guianasurinamebasin giantfield goldenlane ExxonMobil hess cnooc reservoirsands slopefans deepwater turbidites basinfloorfans blackshales sourcerock hashtagcontourite pelagite


Frequent black/dark thin layers/intercalations.

Somewhat irregular or slightly disturbed, in the “ basinfloor fan reservoir sands “.

Implications ??

Intercalated black shales with high TOC content ?

Layers consisting of coaly, originally leaf fragments, such as in the turbidite sandstones in the deep-water Kutei Basin ?

Intercalated pelagites ?


Associated to myriad oceanographic processes in surface, intermediate and deep-water masses?

Someone put some black make-up or marked black layers on the core picture to make it more interesting ?

Indication to revise and adapt existing facies/exploration/production models ?

Etc. etc. etc.

Make your own free geo-democratic choice and interpretation…

Sure, pls let me know the right answer, thx in advance.


Hess (HES) Investor Presentation – Slideshow – Dec. 12, 2018 and Internet publications.

Cores Liza5_Payara1_ExxonMobil
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Cores Liza5_Payara1_ExxonMobil
9) Ranger Appraisal – Stacked carbonate play opener; Hess, dec. 2018


GuianaSurinameBasin Ranger carbonate albian jurassicvolcanics

basement discovery goldenlane

Ranger discovery ?

Sitting on top of an old volcano of the Jurassic seafloor “ basement “? (…as was seriously rumoured, after discovery…).

Possible size & reserves ?

Height, some 35 contours (time/depth) of 20 ms/m (?) intervals, above Maximum/Deepest Lowest

Closing Contour? Area, max. 6 x 6 miles surface (@ LCC).

= ??? million barrels…

Time will tell.


Hess (HES) Investor Presentation – Slideshow – Dec. 12, 2018

Ranger discovery_Carbonate_Guyana_Hess
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Ranger discovery_Carbonate_Guyana_Hess
10) Walker Exploration Prospects, Suriname; Hess, dec. 2018

GuianaSurinameBasin Suriname block42 walkerprospect carbonate prospect goldenlane

Locally carbonates and shallow marine carbonate platforms are found in offshore Guiana-Suriname . Such as Albian and Tertiary shelf and reefal carbonates.

At least one offshore well drilled into and encountered carbonates.


Hess (HES) Investor Presentation – Slideshow – Dec. 12, 2018 and Internet publications.

Walker prospect_Hess_Suriname
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Walker prospect_Hess_Suriname
11) Kitchen map Canje Formation source rock in Guyana-Suriname Basin – Fig. 4; Ref. Halliburton, 2019

GuianaSurinameBasin kitchen modelled, anchored at hashtagLiza1 location.

Basin & Source Rock & Migration Modelling.


Just follow the darkblue modelled migration pathways. And unveil your future (giant) petroleum fields.


A minor detail, my personal geo-mindbreakers.

a) Note Tambaredjo giant field unfortunately is completely outside the migration fairways…

Hm, hmm, would not have discovered it with this map.

Most fortunately GMD explored for…water for the village, to find it.


Different really astonishing bone dry wells. Not 1 ppm petroleum according to mr. gaschromatograph.

In Suriname area’s located right in&along two of the prime migration highways and mainstreams.

Hm hmmm.

c) Further ?

In this oval shaped basin & grand kitchen.

Does petroleum only migrate southwards/upwards/updip ?

Not eastwards ? Direction west flank Demerara High.

Never westwards ? Farther than Ranger-1 discovery.

Seldom northwards ? Towards Block 59 of ExxonMobil.

D) Apache, Block 58 & surroundings.

Most fortunate?

Sitting right on top of a red, late mature, condensate cooking and expelling Canje, late Neogene kitchen…

Just put a valid basinfloor fan and slope fan above it?

Full to spill…

Haute Sranankondre Condensate Cuisine

“ Michelin Subsurface 4-Stars “

Alias “ The Kitchen of Mrs. Liza “


https://lnkd.in/eeh7r3r – Halliburton, 2018

BasinMod Liza_Halliburton
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BasinMod Liza_Halliburton
12) Further? Please keep in touch? More most exiting exploration histories to follow. The show must go on !

In booming Guiana-Suriname Basin. For both explorationists, investors, business people and many many others.

Block 58, Apache, Suriname, soon, next major discovery, first in Sranankondre, extension of Liza-Payara Golden Lane ??

Faites vos jeux, rien ne va plus.

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