19. Climate and Sea level Changes

Nederland - 5500 B.C.
Nederland - 5500 B.C.
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Nederland – 5500 B.C.
Nederland -1950
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Nederland -1950

19. Climate and Sea level Changes

Linkedin post 15 August 2018



Climate & Sea level Changes, The Netherlands.

1) 5500 BC:

(map from Ph.D. thesis dr. P. Vos, 2015).

” Pre-Hydrocarbon burning & CO2 emission time “.


Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague? Still under construction by Mother Nature, in-statu-nascendi, being deposited and molded by mother Nature.

Laying, within others, the foundations for their most prosperous Future-17th Century- Golden Age-2-come.

Having to wait another 2000 years for the wheel to be invented, in Mesopotamia (=Iraq, Syria, Turkey).

2) Present:

Most happy,

” Syn-Hydrocarbon burning & CO2 emission time “.

Burned / produced 2000 billion Nm3 gas @2015, from Groningen super giant gas field?

= How many billion m3, CO2 emission?

Though, most fortunately,

€ 211 billion = Gas, State Share/Income @2010 (Anniversary 50 Groningen field).

Faites vos jeux, Mesdames et Messieurs.

Pre-, Syn-, or Post- ?


” Yesterday is dead and gone

And tomorrow’s out of sight.

Help Me Make It Through The Night “.


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