11. Mario Vargas Llosa – La Llamada del Tribu

Mario Vargas LLosa
Mario Vargas LLosa
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Mario Vargas LLosa

11. Mario Vargas Llosa – La Llamada del Tribu

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Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Laureate, on La Llamada del Tribu, his recent book.
MVL “was” an intimate friend of Gabriel García Márquez, my favorite Colombian spanish writer with 33+ awesome books. MVL’s extensive doctors thesis was on GGM. Once I was lucky to speak with MVL, in the business lounge of Madrid airport.

Other books are e.g. The Feast of the Goat and Pantaleón y las visitadoras.
The Feast, a savage portrait of political tyranny through the story of dictator Rafael Trujillo. “The Goat”, whose bloody rule of the Dominican Republic lasted from 1930 until his assassination in 1961. A contrasting narrative strand Explores the human impact of Trujillo’s evil regime.

Pantaleón y las visitadoras is a short comedic novel taking place in the Peruvian department of Amazonas. Where troops from the Peruvian Army are attended by prostitutes. Referred to euphemistically in the Spanish term visitadora, meaning “visitor”. It deals with Captain Pantoja’s astonishing efficiency campaign to provide prostitution services. For quelling the sexual desires of the Peruvian army soldiers stationed in an aphrodisiacal Amazon jungle.
This interesting book was a 1984 Christmas present. From a dear female colleague, when most happily serving in Intevep, PDVSA.

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